How do I enable pin unlock?




  • SignedAdam

    any way to make it permanent, even after a power off then on.

  • Francois Rioux

    SignedAdam, For what I can see, the setting is permanent. However it does not apply to an initial login following a power on: only for screen lock / sleep.

  • SignedAdam

    Francois Rioux - its not permanent, because if you enable this feature, then put the laptop to sleep for 24 hours then come back to it, it asks for the full password again, it has a time out function, so this is a bad solution

  • stevenfang1997

    It doesn´t work. After I setting it up, there was no option for pin-unlock in my login screen.

  • Hoc Nguyen Triet

    I had tried on my Lenovo G40-70 but it does not work after combining the Windows + L to lock the screen. How to deal with it?

  • Hans Hjort

    How Can I format and usbkey with cloud redey on?

  • Flying Nimbus

    Screen lock does not work in 58.2.

  • Deven Hensley

    chrome://md-settings/people did not work, page doesn't load

  • Kevin Goslar

    In v72 Home Edition, chrome://md-settings/people does not work and the radio buttons in People > Screen lock in the normal settings are greyed out saying This setting is enforced by your administrator. Please advise  :)

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