"Powerwash" via the cmd line




  • Toni Cvetkovski

    I wrote short installation script of the powerwash command.


    Simply download the script, open the terminal navigate to your Downloads (cd /home/user/ Press [Tab] twice, "/Downloads"  and [Enter] )directory ant type sudo sh install_pws.sh

    The installation process will navigate you what to do next.


    After each system update you should perform the installation again if you need to perform the powerwash anytime again.

  • Paul K


    sudo echo 'clobber' > /mnt/stateful_partition/.update_available

    This won't work. What this will do is run "echo 'clobber'" as root but then the redirect '>' is processed by your local shell which is running as the non-root user. The non-root user can't write the file. That's why you noticed you had to run "sudo su" to get a root prompt.

    What you want is:

    echo 'clobber' | sudo tee /mnt/stateful_partition/.update_available

    tee takes anything that comes in from STDIN and writes to both STDOUT and the file specified. Since tee is run with sudo, it can write the file as the root user. You see this syntax a lot in instructions for Ubuntu.

  • Forrest Smith

    Paul - thanks. Updated the article with your recommendation.

  • Alex Witter

    also BTW the password is "chrome"

  • Kay Urbach

    Sorry, but that title says manual install.

    But what you're suggesting is starting the auto-installer via the command line. 


    Just saying.

  • Boo Khan Ming

    It worked! I typed the 3 lines without "sudo su".

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