Is CloudReady officially certified for PARCC / Pearson / TestNav testing?

No, but TestNav should work fine with CloudReady.



Digital testing platforms are supported by organizations that make and maintain them. In TestNav's case, Pearson is that company. Neverware has worked with Pearson in the past to certify other products for their TestNav platform, but most recently Pearson has ceased certification of new platforms.


Neverware still tests and maintains compatibility with the TestNav Chrome App, and even without official certification we have had many customers find success using CloudReady devices for secure digital testing with TestNav. 


We continue to work towards official certification with Pearson. If you're interested in seeing CloudReady officially recognized by Pearson, work with your district and state testing authorities to get in touch with Pearson and voice your demand - this is the best possible way to influence their policies.

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