How do I Deploy Proprietary Media Codecs via the Customer Portal? (Paid Customers only)

The day has arrived!  You're ready to use some proprietary media codecs in conjunction with CloudReady to access media not available through just our vanilla chromium browser. 

In the past, these services have only been available to our free customers, but we've recently deployed a way to add these codecs to all your licensed devices with a single action in our Customer Portal

1.) To start, log in to our Customer Portal, and click on your site from the list from the home screen. In our example, we'll use the Neverware testing site, named "Hogwarts" (no relation to the magical wizarding school (yet!)). 

2.) Once you select your site, you'll see our new interface on the left side of the screen. We'll be looking to click on the Plugins section with a gear to the left. 

3.) On the plugins page, find the components you want to enable for your fleet. In our example, we've already enabled Widevine for Hogwarts' fleet, and will be looking to enable the Proprietary Media Codecs. 
NOTE: Local installation from the settings menu will not conflict with any actions completed from the Customer Portal. 

4.) Next, you should see a pop-up that acts as an End User Agreement for the tools you'll be enabling. Please read the text carefully, and then click Enable if you'd like to deploy your codecs, Widevine, or Flash.

!Note: After enabling Widevine, additional steps are necessary to watch Netflix on CloudReady: Instructions.

5.) Once you've enabled the proprietary media codecs in the Customer Portal, each machine will begin downloading and installing the codecs in the background after a successful check for plugin changes: these checks run about every five minutes, as long as the machine is turned on and at the login screen or logged into. 

Congratulations!  You now have the additional codecs you need to access a broad range of online media. Let us know if your codec deployment hits any snags or if you continue to find expected media won't play.  


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