CloudReady Update: v54.2 Beta & Stable Channel for Home Edition


We're excited to go live with this release - in total, this upgrade from v53 -> v54 carries major improvements, but even v54.1 -> v54.2 should be a great upgrade for users of the Home Edition, including improvements to RAM management that should be immediately noticeable. 


Get all the details on the blog! 

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    After a whole day seeing my laptop in action this update was pretty well needed lol. Things are a bit more faster then usual and the Proprietary Codecs actually make Cloudready even one step closer to being a full fledged OS (well it is a full fledged OS lol) but it's even closer to Chrome OS in my opinion.

    Biggest difference was my AMD APU It's not heating as badly as before. So a much needed update for AMD APU'S as well in my opinion.

    Overall in my opinion this was a much needed update and looking forward to future updates.

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    i will definitely update my cloudready laptop later. I just have question on "We added a new Proprietary Codec install option in the Settings menu" do we need to install other codecs or it is already added in the update? (sorry i don't have much knowledge about codecs)

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    From what I understand if you download the Proprietary Codecs you get access to all the file types that are listed in the link that's in the blog post. Not 100% sure though but that appears to be the gist from the sounds of it.

    Also it's just like flash and widevine you click install and that's it everything installs automatically.

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    nice to know that, thanks...

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    Woojin Lee

    Memory management improvement is huge! My laptop w/ 2GB RAM used to struggle but it's noticeably faster now. Nice job!

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    Javid Gozalov

    My M1530 which had some smaller RAM issues with 4GB, is flying now!

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    Hi there !..
    Am using CloudReady for summertime now
    # Am using CloudReady home edition
    # My version is V53.xxxx
    # When I tried to check for updates it says your OS is up to date !!
    # Will my OS update itself ?!, Or should I do something ?!

    Help me please ...

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    @DHILIP M KUMAR; download OS 54.2 from the Neverware site.
    Use the Chrome tool to put it on a USB stick
    Then do a 'fresh' install on your laptop.

    That helpt me the last time, now i'm getting the latest updates.

    Good luck!

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    Devin Prater

    I'm a new user, and wow, I installed it on my Mac Mini late 2012, where all I used MacOS for was Emacs, and even while using Chromevox, (spoken feedback) Cloudready makes my Mac feel brand new! I do wish I had access to Chrome v56, but I can surely wait for it.

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