Customer Portal Navigation

The Navigation Bar along the side of the screen allows you to navigate across your site in the Customer Portal.  You'll notice the current tab is highlighted in soft grey and has a green bar along the leftmost edge of the window. 

Part 1:

-Devices, in a purple rectangle, where you can view your device list with license expiration, version, and machine details, and disassociate specific licenses and devices.
-Downloads, in a green rectangle, where you can download your site's custom images.
-My Sites, in a red rectangle, where you can navigate across different sites you manage if you have multiple accounts with us. 
-Support, in a teal rectangle, where you can find the contact information for the lovely support team

Part 2:

-Plugins, in a blue rectangle, where you can manage and install plugins and codecs across your fleet
-Installation Guide, in a yellow rectangle, where (--you guessed it!) you can read our installation guide
-Knowledge Base, in an orange rectangle, where you can read great help articles-- like these!











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