Customer Portal: The Devices Tab

The Devices tab is where you'll likely spend most of your time in the Customer Portal. This is where you can disassociate licenses and find information about your site and specific licensed machines. Let's review each area of the screen on this tab.

At the top of the page, you'll find the banner, (the  which shows you which site you're currently in, the email under which you've logged in, and the option to sign out. (You're not an admin of other users in the Customer Portal, so that wont' be present under your account.)


The Licenses Section shows license information about your account. The columns can be defined as follows:

In-Use: The number of devices currently holding a valid license for your site
Available: The number of licenses available to be used by any new device linked to your site
Total: The number of total active licenses that your site has in use and available
Pre-Paid: Rarely used, this column is for some annual customers who had pre-paid their licenses: licenses with a start date in the future.


The Device section shows you the devices that have checked in with our licensing server [green rectangle], their license expiration date [yellow rectangle], and their CloudReady OS version number(s) [red rectangle].

TIP:  Devices are listed by mac address: in short, a unique hardware identifier. 


It also allows you to disassociate a license [purple rectangle] and find any reported hardware details of a device [orange rectangle]. 








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