Customer Portal: Plugins (Paid Customers only)

Plugins tab is a great new feature of CloudReady Customer Portal that, starting with v54 allows users to enable 3 plugins across their CloudReady fleet: 

  • Adobe Flash
  • Widevine
  • Proprietary Codecs 


1. Adobe Flash is a plugin that is owned by Adobe Inc and pre-installed on all Chromebooks. It is used to power and display animations, games, and other complex content embedded in webpages.

Up until the release of v54, Adobe Flash License Agreement automatically popped up at first boot after CloudReady installation. This change will not affect CloudReady computers where Flash has been previously enabled.

For all future installations, please note - Flash License Agreement will no longer appear at your startup screen after a new CloudReady installation, instead it can now be enabled and installed via Plugins tab in your account in Customer Portal. Once Adobe Flash is enabled in the Customer Portal, it will automatically be downloaded on all of the devices of your CloudReady fleet.
If you are looking to enable Flash only on select CloudReady computers, you can do so by going to Settings - Adobe Flash - Install. 

NOTE: Local installation from the settings menu will not conflict with any actions completed from the Customer Portal. 

!NOTE: If you see that Adobe Flash is "Disabled" by default in your Customer Portal, this does not affect your functioning CloudReady computers which have Adobe Flash installed. We recommend enabling it in Customer Portal, as this will automatically enable Adobe Flash for all future installations of CloudReady.


2. Widevine is a browser plugin designed for the viewing of premium video content. In other words, this software provides DRM (Digital Rights Management) so that protected media can securely stream on computers. Widevine is owned by Google and pre-installed on all Chromebooks. 

Widevine is a new feature, that is available for our School and Enterprise customers starting with the release of CloudReady v54. It can be enabled via Customer Portal by clicking "Enable Widevine" in Plugins tab. Enabled once, it will work on all of your CloudReady devices. 

NOTE: Local installation from the settings menu will not affect any actions completed from the Customer Portal. 

!Note: After enabling Widevine, additional steps are necessary to watch Netflix on CloudReady: Instructions.

3. Proprietary Media Components are a much anticipated addition to CloudReady, that we are proud to present in v54 of the OS. Those are supplemental media codecs and file types that are pre-installed on all Chromebooks. They will allow you to access a broad range of online media from your CloudReady computers. You can find more information on enabling Media Codecs here.

Once you enable the proprietary media codecs in the Customer Portal, each machine will begin downloading and installing the codecs in the background after a successful check for plugin changes: these checks run about every five minutes, as long as the machine is turned on and at the login screen or logged into. 

NOTE: Local installation from the settings menu will not conflict with any actions completed from the Customer Portal. 


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