Accessing files from Windows inside of dualbooted CloudReady

There may be many ways to access files in your Windows filesystem from CloudReady. Below is one method.

INstructions below let you use the cmd line to move files from your Windows partitions into the downloads folder. Note that you'll need to be able to specify the exact path to the file in Windows, or manually explore to find it.


These instructions assume you want to move mydoc.txt from your main Windows partition to your CloudReady Downloads folder:

1) Log in

2) Press ctrl+alt+t 

3) Run "shell" cmd 

4) Enter cmd 

sudo fdisk -l

Use "chrome" when prompted for a password.

This will show you your HDD partition layout - if you're dualbooting then you'll have 27 partitions. Windows lives in the first 3-5 partitions. Look for the partition of the largest size and note it's name (I'll refer to it as "/dev/sdaX", but yours will replace "X" with some number.)

5) Now create somewhere to mount that Windows partition:

sudo mkdir /tmp/t

6) Now mount the Windows partition:

sudo mount /dev/sdaX /tmp/t

Now, if you know the exact path to your desired Windows file on that partition, you can skip to step 8.

7)  Otherwise - go explore your Windows disk to find the stuff you want. First run:

cd /tmp/t && ls

That will put you on the mounted Windows disk and list all of the top-level directories (and files) for that disk. You can step through the disk one directory at a time to find your files.

If you want to change to a directory you see, and the directory is called "users", then run

cd users

If you see an error, then that is a file, and not a directory, and you should try a different option. Assuming it is a directory, look at what's inside "users" by running:


and now you can look at the directories and files that are in "users". If you ever want to go backwards one step you can run: 

cd ..

8) Once you find your file, you can move it to your downloads folder in CloudReady like this:

sudo cp mydoc.txt ~/Downloads/ 

or if you skipped step 7:

sudo cp /path/to/file/mydoc.txt ~/Downloads/ 

Repeat on as many different files as you want.


Good luck!

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