Dual boot installation issues?


The problem may lie in potentially stateful disk info.

Without 100% guarantee on non-certified models, the following instruction might resolve the issue:


+ Boot into Windows and follow the dualboot requirements to ensure that Fast Startup, Hibernation, and Encryption are off

+ Open start menu, type "cmd" and then right click the cmd application to "run as administrator"

+ Once there, run "chkdsk /f" and answer "Y" when prompted about checking at next restart

+ Reboot the device, allowing it to automatically restart (potentially multiple times) until it lands back at a log in screen

+ Restart, manually, once more

+ Once restart is complete, do not log in. Instead, shut down the computer

+ Now boot from CloudReady USB and re-attempt dualboot install.


If you are willing to put a bit more time into it, we suggest fresh install of Windows (In UEFI mode) on the machine, followed by dualbooting CloudReady, guaranteeing there is no stateful info on the Windows side obstructing CloudReady's dualboot install. This would be more time-intensive, but from there the product could be evaluated and Neverware would continue to seek the right solution for wider deployment.

If you get the same error repeatedly, or your dualboot install hangs forever, check this document out

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