Gather install logs after a failed installation attempt

Hey all,


Unfortunately, a CloudReady installation sometimes can fail without much warning or feedback. This can take the form of a difficult to interpret error from the install wizard or an install that never finishes or shuts down.


In any case where you attempt to install and don't find success, we encourage you to start a new community post about your problem where you include:


  • The most detailed hardware info you can find or provide
    • Consider running "sudo lshw -json" from the cmd line and copy/pasting the output
    • Look up your model's # on CNET,, or the manufacturer's website to find a data sheet.
    • Mention ALL modifications you've made to it.
  • List all the steps you've taken / strategies you've tried to solve and replicate the problem so far, including the results - in lots of detail
  • Following the failed install (you may need to reboot if you are stuck in a never-ending install window) you can visit "file:///var/log/" in the URL bar of the browser.
    • You should see a series of "links" to view the logs on the system. Find the ones that say "cloudready_install"
    • right click each of those and "save as" to the Downloads folder. (Best to alter the file name to include your name and hardware)
    • Link to, or otherwise share, those logs in your new post on the community.

This will help Neverware employees and other member of the community understand your install issues much faster.

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