CloudReady installation on iMac 5,2

In the past, if CloudReady installation didn't go as expected on Apple computers, we always recommended clearing some stateful settings that can prevent good installation by clearing logicboard RAM.

However, lately we had a few reports on iMac 5,2 machines that stopped functioning altogether after PRAM reset, so we don't recommend resetting PRAM for iMac 5,2 computers any more. 

If you are experiencing issues with your iMac 5,2 booting CloudReady after installation:

- boot up the machine and hold "option" key to get into boot option menu

- hold ctrl + click on the internal HDD you installed CloudReady to, and it will be made the default boot option

This will re-affirm that you want to boot from CloudReady by default, and help avoid any bootup delays.

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