Using CloudReady with Office 365 productivity tools




  • David

    With this solution, I am going to replace my Windows PC at work by Cloudready. It;s fast,simple and secure.

  • Andrew Stewart

    The file system for OneDrive extension did not work for me, and based on the reviews of others, looks like this might not be a one off occurrence. A shame, because the integration of Onedrive with Files would be good.

    Also, using Office Online to edit documents stored on Google drive does not work well, the extension copies the document to Onedrive storage first,

    It appears that the two drives will no play well with the editors from the other vedor, best not to mix them up..... Or have I done something wrong?

  • Jeffrey A Birt

    Same here--the extension doesn't work; "An operation is taking longer than expected. Do you want to abort it?"

    OneDrive shows up in the Files app but doesn't seem to be connected


  • Steve Lockett

    I get that message too but I also have the Office 365 Extension loaded, so not long after the "..taking longer..." notification came up, another browser window opened with my selected file in it.

    However, I'm still getting notifications that it's taking longer than expected and I was thinking that's because it's mirroring the cloud drive locally, just as it does when running Onedrive in Windows (by default... you can select what you want to keep locally). More on this after the edit.

    Edit: Interesting development: I went off to watch some Netflix (the new Lost In Space...) Came back after an hour or so and woke the PC from sleep and... there's the notification but this time there's nothing in the OneDrive folder.

    Shutdown/reopen Files, no difference.

    In Files, right-click OneDrive -> Close.

    Click Add New Services then select OneDrive again.

    OneDrive opens, all folders and files are there and no more nuisance notifications.

    Navigating folders or selecting/opening files seems to bring up the nuisance notifications again. It works, sort of, but it's not exactly what you should expect. It seems like there's too short a time-out alarm set for a response from OneDrive - I guess this is what happens when devs have access to fibre rather than P.O.S. ADSL like the majority of the world. 

    Last edit - even with Files closed, the message still keeps popping up. The devs of this extension need to sort out the time-out issue, For now, the workaround for me is to add OneDrive as I need it then delete it... or just pin another browser window to the shelf

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