Using CloudReady with Office 365 productivity tools

Hello all,

We develop & distribute CloudReady because we believe in a secure, light operating system accessible across hardware options. It's clear people have preferences on the productivity tools that work best for them and we want to streamline the experience of using whatever preferred online tool is best for you. 
Here are some steps to setup a more Office 365 friendly experience on your CloudReady machine:

1) Install this extension from Microsoft

2) Go to chrome://flags (as if it is a website) and find the entry titled "Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides" - set it to disabled, then save and restart.

3) Install this extension for your file system - this will show OneDrive (the default storage for Office Online) in your Files App similar to how Google Drive shows up

With all that in place, you can log in as your Microsoft user and use Office Online, and whenever you click on a MSOffice file-type it will ignore GDocs and try to open in Office online.
We believe strongly in the freedom to choose the productivity tools that work best for you - which is why we partnered with Microsoft in the education space to create our new product, CloudReady Office 365 Education Edition.
While we don't have a CloudReady Home edition equivalent for our new product, we wanted to offer the manual steps of creating a more Office 365 friendly setup to your CloudReady experience to the community if there is interest in them. So we'd like to hear from you! If these are settings & actions you will take on your machine please Vote on this article as helpful & leave comments below on your use case and interest. Your feedback is instrumental in helping us make future product feature & roadmap decisions. This is a community dedicated to making CloudReady better and compatible on a wide variety of machines and we sincerely both covet & appreciate your opinions and ideas. Thanks so much!
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    With this solution, I am going to replace my Windows PC at work by Cloudready. It;s fast,simple and secure.

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    Andrew Stewart

    The file system for OneDrive extension did not work for me, and based on the reviews of others, looks like this might not be a one off occurrence. A shame, because the integration of Onedrive with Files would be good.

    Also, using Office Online to edit documents stored on Google drive does not work well, the extension copies the document to Onedrive storage first,

    It appears that the two drives will no play well with the editors from the other vedor, best not to mix them up..... Or have I done something wrong?

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