CloudReady Update: v56.3 available on the Stable Channel!


We released v56.3 on Dev, Beta & Stable channels! Please check out the blog post for detailed release notes:

Try it out, let us know what you think and as always - thanks for being CloudReady fans!

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    Phil Reilly

    Why did this go directly to Stable? Wouldn't it be safer/better to go through Dev or Beta first?

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    Joseph Honnoll

    You do know 56.3 was the Beta version right? they just simply made it to Stable version

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    Phil Reilly

    No, I was on Dev & it went to 56.3 the same time it went to stable. 56.2 was on all channels previously I thought.

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    Joseph Honnoll

    Hmm... I'll see cause I'm reinstalling it cause I'm trying to dual-boot with Linux mint Sara 18.1 when I go to resize to 32gb with gparted. Hopefully updating cloudready in future doesn't allow cloudready to not boot now

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    @ Phil I made a thread asking what would happen if I switched to the beta channel when v56.2 came out and Forrest said the beta channel would get the stable version as well. I didn't ask about the dev since I don't plan on using the dev but seeing as how beta was extremely stable might consider it but if not just going to stick with the beta channel.

    So it's basically you get the stable update/version (56.3 is the stable version) So no matter what channel you are on it looks like you will get the stable version until the dev or beta channel gets updated to the newest one.

    Example: Once v57 releases to dev you will get the dev v57 (if you are on the dev channel), once v57 releases to beta you will have the beta v57 (if you are on the beta channel or if dev does get the beta build), Then all channels will get the stable version of v57 once it releases to stable.

    For the 56.2 being on all channels, I think it was only on beta unless dev got the v56.2 as well like I said don't use the dev channel, so no idea if it got v56.2 or not lol but anyway 56.3 is the stable and current release of cloudready.

    Also it looks like each version goes through 3 stages now, so next dev version would be v57.1, Then Beta would be v57.2, Stable would be v57.3, and then if there was any changes/hot fixes needed for the stable version sure it would be like v57.4 or v57.3.1 or something like that lol.

    Anyway hope I helped ^^

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    Jesse Pierce

    Hey all,
    Appreciate everyone's interest in the process. We are still working through the kinks of releasing this way, but for everyone's edification - here's the breakdown of builds in each of the channels:
    * Dev = this build is the closest to being a pure OS upgrade. Once we complete a merge and have stable builders - we perform security & update testing and then release on the Dev channel. Dev builds have the least amount of QA.
    * Beta = this build is a mix of the OS upgrade plus new features / bug fixes. This build includes some machine-specific testing, but only some.
    * Stable = this is a final, fully scoped release. This build has passed our QA gauntlet for the Home Edition.

    So Phil to answer your question, v56.3 did go through the Dev & Beta channels, just in the v56.1 & v56.2 iterations. Thanks again for everyone's interest in how we do things - let me know if there are any additional follow ups.

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    Marco Letona

    Android Apps? Really want this feature on CloudReady :(

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