Netflix Support improved in v56!

In v56 of Netflix we have improved our compatibility with Netflix. Now, installing the Widevine Plugin

(Settings > Media PuginsWidevine Content Decryption Module)


and rebooting after install is all you need to do to make CloudReady compatible with Netflix.



If you're a long-time CloudReady fan you'll know that, in the past, it was necessary to enable Widevine and reboot, but also to install an extension to change your user-agent, helping Netflix to recognize your device as capable of playback.

That extension is no longer needed as of v56, so feel free to remove it real quick before you return to Reggie Watts' excellent Netflix special.

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    Marius Borge Heir

    Hi, congratulation with the update! I love the os and that it enables me to use my laptop from 2007 still -it's so speedy it's unbelivable! Anyone still unsure after this post (as I was), you also need to install the codecs plugin to get netflix working. Not sure if flash is also required. Tried at first with only winevide installet, but now its working and I've all of them installed :) 

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    Forrest Smith

    Netflix almost certainly uses proprietary media codecs like h.264 for streaming

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