Installing CloudReady on a non-certified device




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    Luca Polidori

    I tried to install on:
    ASUS EEEbox PC (Intel Celeron 847)
    ACER Veriton

    USB created by Chromeos and Windows. 32 bit and 64 bit

    Three USB:
    KINGSTON 8GB Datatravel
    SANDISK 16GB Ultra Flair 3.0

    I formatted HDD destination hard drive

    Disable secure boot and fast boot
    Different configuration (UEFI, Legacy, default)

    It works fine with the USB but, if i want to install it,  always (both computers) give me the same message:
    Rebbot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.


    Please, can you help me?

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    Alejandro Sanchez

    Hi, can you help me?, please.

    I installed CloudReady on my old PC using CloudReady USB Maker utility, all is fine but I can't connect my wifi. 

    Before I read that after installing CloudReady, you would need an adapter to connect to the internet, because it is not possible to connect to ethernet.

    My problem is that I can not connect to the network, I think it is because it does not detect the adapter, since it indicates that the wifi is turned off.

    Already check the adapter and this works well. Also since I reinstalled CloudReady taking the adapter has been connected, but still does not work.

    How can I install the adapter or what can i do to activate the wifi?, because if I try where this time, back off again.


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    Installed successfully on Sony Vaio SVD13216PW

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