Create a USB installer using Etcher

Currently we list one official way of creating a CloudReady USB installer -  via Chromebook Recovery Utility, and two alternative methods: 

- Alternate Installer Creation for Windows users;

- Installer Creation via Rufus (for Windows users as well);


In addition to that, we've recently discovered Ethcher - a free offline tool that allows to burn images to USB drives and works on Windows, OS X and even Linux.

It will work for both paid and free users, as long as you are not using Chromebook/CloudReady to burn the image.  

Here's what you'll need to do if you'd like to give it a try:

1. Download Ethcher here.

2. Unzip your file

3. Right-click the unzipped .bin file and rename it by changing an extension from ".bin" to ".iso" (this will make it recognizable for the app, yet won't affect the file). After renaming, it should look like the one on the image below:


4. Select an image as prompted by Etcher

5. Insert the USB stick (8 or 16Gb in size, Sandisk is not recommended for CloudReady image creating)

6. Flash! It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to burn and validate, and voila, your USB installer is ready. 




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