New CloudReady tool: USB Maker!




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    dave dombrowski

    do you still need to use chrome recovery app with usb maker. if so, where is the bin file?

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    Joseph Honnoll (Edited )

    It seems to Auto-Download the Latest Version


    Can we have an option to select a Image we Already have Downloaded?


    Update: Look at my USB Guide! Added CR USB Maker

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    Jennifer Anderson

    I couldn't get it to work! It did download the .bin file and extract it, but it did NOTHING else after I let it sit for 2 hours.

    Also, yes, can we please have an option to select an image we already have?

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    Sarah Bosse

    I also couldn't get it to work, sadly. I've used CR many times on other machines, but my Transcend 16 GB flash drive is not working to boot from after I used the beta tool. 

    Can I download the image near the Apple/Chrome logo to work with Windows? Or is it a different image? 

    If I have the correct image, then I can use other tools to make a bootable USB. 

    My computer is an HP Probook 430 G3. 

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    Stephen Mantz

    I also downloaded the x64 installer and ran it.  It showed the download process and the expanded something but then, that was it.  No other screens, nothing.  The flash drive is a 16 GB that was wiped of all partitions and volumes.  Not even formatted. Does it need to be?

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    Rahul Salin

    @Sarah Bose You have to format the flash drive with "HP USB Format Tool" or with "Rufus 2.17" to get you flash drive to previous state if you use to make a chrome OS installer i.e cloudready USB maker or CR utility.

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