UPDATE - v60.1 (new and improved!) for Home Edition Beta and Dev channel




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    Quinn Dennison

    For what its worth...running an E6600 on an ASUS P5B Deluxe. Just connected my Epson WF-7620 Google Cloud Printer and Office 365 Environment. This is AWESOME and improving by the day. I see Google has invested in Neverware, maybe Android apps are soon to follow!!!! Keep up the incredible work and thank you so much for this experience! Running 59.0.3

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    Courtney (Edited )

    Just saw the announcement as soon as I got home from work lol. Updating to the latest version now.

    Also congrats on google endorsing cloudready. Hopping you guys can work with google more closely to make cloudready even better then before ^^

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    Phil Reilly

    When did Tap Dragging start working? It works well!

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