CloudReady Dual boot sunset announcement.




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    Phil Reilly

    Maybe updating an installed system on a USB can gain some traction now?

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    The problems I have been reading from people with the mandatory Windows 10 updates makes me cringe.

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    Jason Neiffer

    This is sad news, but, I totally understand.  I have a Lenovo x230 with dual boot that is like a wonder machine... Windows when I need it, CloudReady the rest of the time, fast and smooth!

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    Recently, when I was surfing on the internet, I accidentally found the new OS which is called ENDLESS. It has an easy way to help it can dual boot with Windows by using an installer to create a virtual disk on Windows. Although I think it has some limitations, we can give it a try instead of phrasing out dual boot mood. For more information, you can find out here:

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    Christophe K.

    "no longer provide support for CloudReady to dual boot with Windows"

    OK, but perhaps you can add support to install to a different disk, and make a menu (grub ?) that point to the 2 disks. One for windows and One for CR

    it'll be a great feature.

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    Nacho Garcia

    Why not just remove tech support for it, but leave the option to install it in an advanced menu with a warning saying it could fail? Also not everyone uses Windows, they could dual boot with macOS or Linux

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    Joseph Honnoll (Edited )

    Nacho Garcia,


    I have tried it with Linux MINT but after an update with CR the Dual-Boot is broken. Also, you can't update the Kernel to Whichever Linux you want to Dual-Boot with as doing so will again break the Dual-Boot. Now you could Fully update CR with any Linux OS you choose but you can't update CR or the Kernel to the Linux OS


    I agree with CR developers as when it comes to the Fall-Updates it again will break the Dual-Boot process

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