How do I install CloudReady?




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    David Gaytán

    CloudReady install but when startup screen goes black. What can I do?

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    Philip Webster

    CloudReady install isn´t working.... I see the "installation Progess" window, but no activity at the HDD LED.... after 1 hour -still not finished.
    is there any option to see what´s the problem ?

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    Jake woods

    Im having an issue where im on the installation page for a couple hrs rather than the 20 minutes in the guide; is there anything i can do?

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    herbert weustenenk

    I can start up from USB but if I click on the clock in the bottom right, I do not get the "Install CloudReady" option.

    What I want is to replace my Win7 installation completely on my Sony Vaio laptop.

    How can I solve this?

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    Joseph Honnoll

    All, I will be doing a Video explaining All will soon so Stay-Tuned! In the Mean time Look at My Guide and Thread

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