How do I create a CloudReady USB installer?




  • Pierre Renaud

    Not sure what's going on. I'm using Windows 10 with a 16GB Lexar key. It says Creating a recovery image / Unpacking going to 450% with -140 seconds remaining.. Then it goes to Writing 0% completed and nothing is happening. Then I try with my Chromebook 2 (Toshiba). I get an error saying unable to unzip file. What should I try next?

  • Max B

    @Pierre Renaud

    Maybe it's something permissions related on your system? If your Chromebook Recovery Utility can't do the unzipping, just unzip it yourself manually. Then point the utility at the extracted bin file and it should recognize that it doesn;t need to unpack it and go right to installing.

    Hope this helps!

  • David Shorb

    hey I'm using my chromebook to create the USB installer. However when I go to put the Cloudready image on the drink the recovery tool tells me that the image is invalid and won't go on to the next step.

  • Ron Kushnier

    I try to create a USB FLASH drive using a 16 GB stick and the Chromebook Recovery Utility, extracting CloudReady.bin file on a Windows 10 Machine. It gets to 69% loaded and then hangs. The drive then indicates a capacity of 1.1GB. I need to go back to the Recovery Utility to erase the drive and start over. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

  • Ron Kushnier

    Apparently, The Chromebook Recovery Utility and/or Cloudready is a little fussy about the type of USB FLASH stick it will accept and work with. My 16GB easystore drive would not complete the download setup. I tested the drive with a FLASH Drive/Card Tester from: The drive sailed through the test.

    I replaced the easystore with a 16GB PNY drive and ran through the Chromebook Recovery procedure again. This time it worked perfectly.

    I plugged the drive into my Aspire One netbook, changed the boot sequence to load the FLASH Drive first, and I was off and running with my "NEW" Chromebook clone.

  • Yogesh Diwan

    Hello, I am stuck in getting a USB installer. I tried two flash drives Sony and San Disk Cruzer both 16 GB. Recovery tool gets stuck when writing to flash drive. Dont know what to do.

  • Pierre Renaud

    Yogesh, I've never been able to use the recovery tool. I always use 7-zip and Win32 Disk Imager:

  • Meinharttv

    if some -as i had - having prblems with the use of Google´s recovery tool:
    RUFUS Tool for creating USBinstallation stick (at a Win7 64) was the solution:
    - leave all check boxes "as they are" in Rufus Tool
    - open the bin-file with cloudready downloaded image, then run, and wait,
    - status % is displayed in RUFUS,
    - whjen all is finsihed, installation from USB should be working properly, ;))

  • dragon788

    I'd love to see the official documentation updated to recommend the fantastic Etcher tool from for those on Linux or who can't install Chrome to use the Chrome Recovery Tool app. It is a self contained AppImage and has worked 100% of the time when I've used it to write CloudReady images to USB.

  • David Wright

    Hi All,

    At this point in time anyway, I'm giving up on trying to create/install the cloudready software onto a usb flash drive. The first time I tried doing so, I was using a 16 GB drive..the process seemed to be going normally, I got to the screen where you are informed that the process could take up to 20 minute's or longer. That function seemed to be processing normally, but all of a sudden I received a prompt that said my usb drive had to be formatted. I did that, and after performing that function, the capacity on my usb drive was greatly reduced in size.


  • Paul Wayne

    Hi David,

    I've had that very problem with my USB drive. Here is a link that solved my problem with my 16 GB USB now only showing 1 GB. The video is fast and I had to slow it down to 0.5 speed to see the keystrokes (click setting in the lower right corner of the video). Solved my problem and saved me a trip returning the USB drive to Walmart.

    Hope it works for you as well.

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