Can I dual boot CloudReady with another OS?




  • Ryan Ridenour

    Will Crouton work?

  • Ryan Ridenour

    What if I was to install Ubuntu in a seperate partitiion after CloudReady?

  • Shawn Hobbs

    It is possible to dual boot. It takes a little work. But it is possible. I am currently run CloudReady (which is awesome) along side Kodibuntu. The key is to install CloudReady first and then partition the drive.
    I currently have no issues with CloudReady and still boots up when I select it just fine.

  • Forrest Smith
    Here's a preview of official dual boot support:
  • Daniel Escasa

    Shawn, that becomes something of an issue if you also want to install Windows. Not insurmountable, just a pain. And if you know how to use partitioning software and a boot manager such as GRUB, I don't have to tell you how it's done :)

  • Joel Lee

    I think the CloudReady dual-boot installation is not going to fully support
    BIOS-Based Systems later on. Chromium OS requires the GPT hard disk partition table, Because it has more than 4 Primary Partitions.
    So, CloudReady Can't dual-boot on an MBR disk. I also think it is nearly impossible to install CloudReady on a MBR hard disk on a extended partition.

  • David your friend

    good points about dualboot..

  • fretus

    Point 3 is unclear. Where exactly should the free space be?

    1) 32GB of free/unpartitioned space? on the same disk windows is on?

    2) 32GB of free space in windows C:\ ?


    1 seems logical to me, but the provided information suggest its 2. 

  • Forrest Smith

    #2 is accurate. The dualboot installer does all re-partitioning on behalf of users and will ignore any unpartitioned/free space.

  • Richard

    The link above - Read more about the sunsetting of Dual Boot here. - doesn't go anywhere.

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