Does CloudReady overwrite my existing operating system?




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    Forrest Smith
    UPDATE: It will soon be possible to dual boot with CloudReady! Check out a preview of the feature here:
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    Will dual boot with MacOS be available?

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    Forrest Smith

    It is not now, and we have no plan to implement this. Sorry - we need to keep the dualboot functionality very limited to minimize variability and keep the whole thing stable.

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    David Wright

    I've already submitted a post here in the forum..I tried to install the CloudReady software on my older ACER laptop that previously had Windows Vista SP2 32-bit on it. First I tried the 'dual boot' method..didn't work. So I thought I'd try the 'standalone' method. I DID receive the warning that everything on my hard drive would be erased..but since I was so eager to try the CloudReady software I went ahead and proceeded anyway. I was informed that if the installation installed correctly the computer would shut down automatically..which it did. I thought that when I pressed the power button that my laptop would bootup to what I THOUGHT I had just installed (CloudReady)..instead NOTHING happened !! Now I have a laptop that's USELESS, and it won't let me re-install my original windows o.s. . I don't know what to do, I think the main issue of why I can't re-install windows is the fact that your software added many new partition's and changed their type to something windows doesn't recognize
    (Type GPT). I'm really perplexed that what I THOUGHT would turn out great..went SO BAD !! Can you PLEASE help me ??

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    Gary Hughes

    Hi David
    Just in case you haven't solved this problem after all this time, you could try an Ubuntu live installer and run gparted to wipe the drive and set up a new partition table.

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