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    Steve Weinberg

    I've tested CloudReady on a Lenovo ThinkPad T410, with a core i7 and the nVidia graphics adapter, and and it works great.

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    Jose Luis Escribano Corral

    Hi! I've tested CloudReady on Dell Latitude D620 ... Great! Works fine ...

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    Gilbert Smith

    I've installed on a HP DV2116-WM - 9 years old - manufactured 43rd week of 2006. CloudReady seems to work very well all devices functioning.

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    Eddy Arnold

    ThinkPad T420 - works great

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    John Doh

    Asus 1215n works well too.

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    Bryan Adams

    It seems that the official supported list of hardware link above is broken:

    I have seen that page working previously and checked out my target model, which is a Dell Latitude E5410. going from memory, in the model-specific info, it says the model is fully supported, which is mostly true. BUT for installation purposes (or live-USB booting) I found I had to have an external USB keyboard and mouse attached, otherwise the builtin ones wouldn't work. After installation, you can remove the external ones, then the builtin keyboard & touchpad work fine. Please update the model specific info to reflect that, and fix the link, cheers :)

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    Forrest Smith

    Hi Bryan,

    Updated the link. Will look into the issue with the keyboard & trackpad during liveboot!

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    Matt Scheele

    Hi Forrest, I installed CloudReady successfully on a MacBook Pro early 2011 8,1 (German Keyboard). Everything works great, the MacBook gained two hours of battery life. A little problem exists with the trackpad. When I scroll with two fingers, it highlights text or moves stuff. So I just turned off the "tab to click" option and everything is great now. Vielen Dank!

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    Hurley, Steven

    Hi, I would like to request to get the Lenovo Edge 11 and Lenovo Mini 10 certified so that I could consider using Clodyready at my school.

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    Gareth Phillips

    Hi works well on my Dell Studio 1555

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    Andrew Sutherland

    to add to the list its working well on a Samsung Shark nf-210 from 2011

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    Dennis Grudzinsky

    Have a Dell Inspiron 15 3521. Core i3 3227u, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel Wifi Link 5300 AGN wifi card that I salvaged from an old Latitude E5400. Works perfectly. Original wifi card broke, so not sure if that works, but it's a Broadcom-based Dell wifi card, which should work just fine, since my netbook with a Broadcom card works with cloudready as well.

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    Armin Wies (Edited )

    Also works great on HP Compaq 6530b (6510b is in the official list).

    In order to install CloudReady to the harddrive I had to upgrade BIOS (from F11) to F20, which seems to be the latest version available.
    (USB booting worked great on F11, but installation was impossible).
    In order to do this BIOS upgrade I had to install Windows, because there seems to be no other supported upgrade mechanism. The HP provided .exe only runs on WIndows, not FreeDOS.

    My suggestion to everyone who has trouble getting CloudReady installed to the harddrive: Check if you can upgrade your computer's BIOS and try again.

    Thank you, neverware... CloudReady is what I've been looking for since a long time!

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    lm (Edited )

    Been writing about my experience with a modified Dell Dimension 2400 from 2004/2005 here:

    Works well enough. Couldn't get the sound to work so far, and had to use an external USB Wifi dongle, but otherwise it's not bad at all!

    (why is my comment pending approval for more than 2 weeks?)

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    anonymous (Edited )

    Mostly works on my Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 netbook.
    Things that I tested that are working include resuming from closed lid state, adobe flash, wifi, ethernet, audio, brightness controls, volume controls, all usb ports, sd port, and the microphone. However, the webcam and Bluetooth do not work.

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    works ok on the Dell Mini Inspiron 1010, which should make a lot of owners of these challenging machines happy. ditto the above except audio/video somewhat choppy during playback.

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    Sean Wahl

    Working fine on a Gateway MX8741, small issue with pixelated square where the cursor was, when waking up but that may be due to my trimming the video down to 32mb.....

    install works fine from usb,


    Sound - Working in Youtube

    Wifi - Works OOB

    Ethernet - Not tested

    Touchpad -- works, even with two finger, which actually surprised me as Ubuntu wouldn't

    Bluetooth -- NA, optional on this and mine does not have it

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    Samsung N120 Netbook (NP-N120) (No WIFI Wireless)
    - Intel Atom N270
    - Display: 10.1 inches
    - 2Gb Ram
    - 160Gb HDD
    - Wireless connection 802.11 a/b/g

    CloudReady Installs and runs. It seems to be working ok to me.

    BUT - the Wireless Adaptor does not seem to be supported.
    Thus need to use hard-Ethernet cable to connect to Internet.
    Will try out using a cheap USB Wireless Adaptor (one of those cheap mini plug adaptors)

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    Andrew Sutherland

    Are you able to toggle it on with the function f8 or f9 (looks like an umbrella)

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    marco verweijen

    Good to know it works fine on my old DELL T105 server. Not really usefull, but nice to know it's possible:)

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    Roger Dean
    Works on Lenovo Thinkpad X60s and Acer Aspire Revo 3600
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    Victor Julio Coupe

    Hello there! Works on Dell Vostro 5470 perfectly!

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    Jessica Donily

    I'm interesting in moving our HP G62 Laptop over to Neverware, but my husband doesn't think our laptop is old enough to be supported. It's a horrible slow brick of a laptop. It basically is a paperweight right now because it has nothing on it except for windows, but we can't even run an internet browser on it because it's so slow (yes we've done registry cleaners and virus checkers etc).

    So I just wanted to see if anyone thinks it's worth doing? I don't want to try to do the dual-partician thing. It is a paperweight so .. if it doesn't work we'll have to just recycle the darn thing.

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    Forrest Smith

    Jessica - HP G62 should work fine! Looks like perfect hardware for this - not too old and not too new. Give it a shot!

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    Joel Alzate

    Works for DELL XPS M1330. Had to follow "Manual Installation Via the Cmd Line" topic to get it to work. All good.

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    Stéphane Gauvin

    Confirmed... Works well on my laptop Asus U31S

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    Chris Chantrill

    I've installed cloudready 45.3.39 on two computers so far. HP Pavillion dv2000 and HP Compaq 6910p. Both are working flawlessly and they are as fast as they day I bought them. All hardware works so far ie: webcams, microphone, speakers, keyboard, track pad, mouse support and WiFi. Thanks Neverware for this awesome software!

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    Niclas Holtappels

    Just installed CloudReady on a Dell Inspiron 1545. According to the official compatibility spec sheet, all features should be working; however, the webcam is not detected on my laptop, and I can't seem to change that. Any advice?

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    DJ (Edited )

    This link from above doesn't work (on 3/4/16)

    Maybe its supposed to go to

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    Forrest Smith

    DJ - it's fixed now - thanks for the catch.

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