Known Working (or Mostly Working) Models




  • Jeff

    Downloaded and runs just fine on usb using Acer Aspire 5733z

  • Roger Fields

    I have an HP (Compaq) F700 that I would like to run CloudReady on. Anyone have any success stories regarding same?

  • Tom_D

    The Samsung N310 laptop works great so far -- including Wi-Fi. (Model: NP-N310)

  • Andy22

    Using v47.1 on my old Acer Travelmate 8371 (Core2 Solo + GMA 4500MHD) and works great. After enabling --enable-gpu-rasterization --ignore-gpu-blacklist via flags, ChromeOS provides by far the fastest web browsing experience i have tested on this old laptop.
    I can even watch VP9 content in 1080p, which no linux distribution i tested was able to, even after installing the latest 1.4 intel drivers for ubuntu/fedora.

  • Viola Smith

    Is it compatible on a Toshiba Equium

  • Forrest Smith

    Viola - We don't have an Equium - can't hurt to give it a shot tho!

  • Daniel Miller

    Works without issue on the HP Compaq 6910p, both the Intel video version (GM965 chipset) and the ATI video version (PM965 chipset)

  • Daniel Miller

    Not compatible with Asus X205TA out of the box (no WiFi, keyboard, OR mouse).

  • Daniel Miller

    Works without issue on the HP Pavilion a1210n (this and the previous two machines mentioned were running v46). Note the machine was upgraded to an Athlon X2 3800+ with 3GB of DDR400 RAM. The motherboard in this model is the Asus A8AE-LE, and therefore all the models that use this board are therefore compatible.

  • Wemel Kuan

    Dual booting working on Dell Inspiron 13 7000 (Headphones dont work tho and the track-pad doesn't work as of v47 and Australian scrolling stopped working as of v46)

  • Guin

    Anybody try on an acer aspire 5552 yet.

    AMD PHENOM II X4 Processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Video Card, 6 GB Ram.

    I can get it to work from the usb, but it won't install, it just hangs on install.

  • Glenn Murphy

    I know an i7 and 16GB RAM is a bit of overkill, and it's about as portable as a boat anchor, but 49.1.54 runs great on the Lenovo W520. Looks like the battery might even last two hours--I barely get one hour with Windows.

  • Glenn Murphy

    I should point out that my previous post for the Lenovo W520 was a standalone install on a blank drive. I have been less successful trying to get dual-boot working. I was able to install cloudready from the command line, but the machine does not see the grub partition at boot and continues to use the windows boot manager.

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for the input Glenn! Sorry about your dualboot troubles, but glad you've got CloudReady working!

  • j m

    - Intel Atom D525 64-bit with Nvidia ION graphics chip
    - 2GB RAM (default is 1GB)

    Install wizard did not work; I had to perform a manual install with the following tweaks:

    • My live USB stick showed up as /dev/sdb and the hard disk was /dev/sda. Used fdisk to format /dev/sda first before command-line install
    • For command-line install, I needed the skip_src_removable flag. So the full command line was sudo chromeos-install --skip_src_removable --dst /dev/sda
    • Received some errors about invalid GPT headers, but it did not seem to affect installation. OS booted fine.
    • Poweroff using GUI does not seem to work for me- the screen goes white. Instead I either log into the console and initiate a sudo shutdown -h command, or I just long-press the power button. Sleep and hibernate work fine.

    All working:

    • Wireless
    • analog speakers
    • SD card
    • HDMI
    • sleep/hibernate
  • Esme Bowes

    My Toshiba Satellite A135-S2246 mostly works. Facebook failed to work, but I think that's a good thing. Less distraction from developing my new business.

    I can note that it freezes when attempting to sign in, but I think that may be because I'm running from the USB

  • Kristopher Rhen

    Installed on a Dell Inspiron 7000 Series 15.6 Touchscreen Pro Laptop Flagship Edition Intel i5-5200U 2.7Ghz 8G 1T HDD (Dell 7000 series i7548Slv)

  • Anonimo Avita

    I would like you to know CloudReady works really well on an Acer Aspire 5622 wlmi, A very OLD notebook, in 32 bit mode. 

    The specs are: Intel Centrino Duo (1,2 ghrz x 2), 2gb Ram, Ati mobility Radeon X1300, 100 gb 2,5 hdd. There is no webcam on this model.
    It works everything: screen, audio,built in stereo speakers, microphone, wifi and 3,5 port for headphones. And with my surprise the gpu works correctly, just some random and sporadic small artefacts, ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about.
    The experience with this OS is flawless although it runs from an usb 2 stick instead of the hdd so i suggest to the many out there willing to ditch Windows to try a full installation on the Hdd.
    What really impressed me was the notebook operates with very low temperatures in ChromeOs while on Windows becomes really hot as soon as i open Chrome on it.
    The only "strange" thing i experienced is the shutdown behaviour: if i close the notebook the screen remains lighted up and the notebook dosn't go to sleep. I have to press the power off button 2 times to shutdown it.
    Unfortunately i have an offline printer i need to use really often so i can't leave windows completely but what is sure i will still use Cloudready as my daily driver until OEMs will be wise enough to release Chromebooks in Italy.

  • JM Heneman

    Dell Inspiron 1525 works (51.1.110 64 bit). Graphical issues (some time the refresh does not work). - Jean-Marc

  • Ryan

    The XPS 13 (9343) is compatible with the exception of the headphone port.

  • billshoff

    Works well on Acer Aspire One KAV60 (also known as AOD250). Mine has 2bg ram and the Broadcom Crystal HD add-on card. Much faster than any version of Linux including Mint..

  • Eric J

    Acer Aspire One 522 mostly working. No sound from mic. Everything else is smooth as butter. WiFi, webcam, etc.

  • malcolm kyle

    Runs really fast on my old HP 550. Apart from no two finger scrolling, it behaves exactly like a Chromebook. I thought earlier that it wouldn't shut down properly, but that was just me being impatient.


  • malcolm kyle

    I've just bought a 17 inch HP Compaq 6820s with 3 gig of ram for $60. It was running Windows 8 and behaving really badly. It now flies along and, unlike my HP 550, has two finger scrolling. All features are functioning smoothly. Thanks!

  • Andrew

    Mac Mini Core Duo (32 bit). Seems to basically work. Install a bit of a faff - have to install reEFInd boot manager in OS X to get the early EFI bootloader to work with the CloudReady USB stick, install CloudReady but then you won't be able to boot (no system folder error). You need to boot OS X from an install DVD, go to the Terminal app that's available in the OS X installer and using a copy of rEFInd on a USB key manually install rEFInd onto the ESP of the Mac's hard disk.

  • Kurt

    Working fine on an Acer Aspire One 756

  • malcolm kyle

    Successful install on an HP Compaq 8710p.

    Works really fine. I have single finger scrolling on the right hand side of the track pad as originally intended. Mute touch buttons and volume touch-slide on the glossy strip above the keyboard also work. The touch button for calling up the windows calculator now functions as an 'enter or leave full screen' button. As an added bonus, the volume is much louder than the Compaq 6820s.

    Thanks again! I'm more than pleased with the result.

  • malcolm kyle

    Successful install on a Dell Latitude D620. Didn't think it was going to work as the D600 is listed on the 'known not working' thread. But everything is just fine. Thanks!

  • malcolm kyle

    Double post ...

  • SignedAdam

    * Dell inspiron 7737 is fully working,

    no problems

    * HP ProBook 640 G1 is fully working,

    only problems

    buttons for volume and brightness are in the opposite sideswhen not pressing the Fn key, when pressing the Fn key they are in the correct places, 

    strange random left click when typing with the keyboard 


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