Known Working (or Mostly Working) Models




  • Forrest Smith

    Benjamin - 


    That dell has a Kaby Lake processor - we will need to upgrade our kernel to ~ v4.9 before we'll have solid Kaby Lake support.

    Also, note that we are not currently prioritizing any work around auto-screen-rotation and tablet usage, so those fancier convertible-laptop tricks will not be present for the foreseeable future. 

  • Peter Smulders 

    Dell Latitude 2110 v57.2, 64bit. The supported list has the 2100 and 2120, but not this one. Installed OK.

  • Paul K

    Two people above reported it works on their Dell Latitude D620 and it works on mine, too. Except... When the machine went to sleep it didn't wake up correctly.

    I've sense installed the "Keep Awake" extension and ran "sudo stop powerd". Hopefully that fixes it. This machine is used basically like a kiosk, so we don't need to going to sleep; it's always plugged in.

  • helen kelty

    Did it with my HP TouchSmart IQ505 all in one desktop - works like a dream..!

  • Bob Walen

    Toshiba Satellite L305-S5921, model PSLB8U-079025, serial 490777670.  Intel® Pentium® processor T3400 o 2.16GHz, 1MB L2, 667MHz FSB updated to max 4GB RAM. Home premium. I converted this unit for a friend a few days ago and the owner is thrilled. It accepted the 64 bit beta install without a hitch. It has worked well playing video, works well and Facebook works better than anything I have seen before. Gaming on Facebook is fast, smooth and a pleasure. The only thing that has happened is that after about 3 hours of continuous gaming on Facebook the screen froze and the cpu ran wild for about two minutes and then resumed. This unit has always ran at a high temperature. Sound is good and the display is great. This unit was actually unusable even after a reinstall. The owner is thrilled.

    If anything goes wrong I will advise.

  • Larry Matsuba

    Acer emachine 355 - 13816 w/ Intel Atom N455 ( upgraded battery and SSD )

    also was able to use a 32 Gb USB device to install

    I'm still playing w/ what I can do / add

  • ADogNamedGromet

    I also have it working on a Acer Aspire 5542-1340 with a AMD athlon II x2 processor 2.0 ghz 

  • Tyson S

    Installed on an old Zotac Zbox ID88.  It was formerly a Windows 8 machine and I had installed 16GB of RAM in it.  For Cloudready I installed a little 64GB SSD that was on sale at Best Buy.  The hardware is a little overkill but I can drop another OS into it at any time.  The manual install of Cloudrready has been working for about 10 months now.  Very happy with it.

  • Kim Johnsson

    I just tried booting CloudReady Home on my Asus Zenbook UX305C, but unfortunately the touchpad doesn't work (it isn't detected at all). Makes me sad, because everything else seems to be working. Display, sound, wifi, keyboard, SSD. And CloudReady felt so much smoother than Windows on the laptop.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Kim - 


    Thanks for the report - sorry about your touchpad!


    I'm not sure why this would be, but if there're any settings in BIOS/UEFI about the touchpad (a basic mode, or any features you can enable/disable for the touchpad) you should experiment with those. On Acer devices, I know this can help.

  • Kim Johnsson

    No relevant options in the firmware unfortunately, other than Enable/Disable. I also tried disabling Legacy USB Support, just in case. Didn't make a difference.

    Maybe I'll try it on another laptop, this one just happens to be my favorite because it's light and fanless. Other than this I was very happy with the experience (played with it a bit using a bluetooth mouse), really easy to get started.

  • Chris

    I have just installed Version 59.0.3071.135 on an Acer V5-122p (0643) and don't have any issues with the internal mic as some have reported.

    Everything is working out of the box. The speed improvement coming from a clean installation of windows 10 is huge.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mark

    I've installed CloudReady on an Asus X102B (AMD A4-1200, 2 GB, 320 GB HD, touch screen) and it works fine.  Of course, "fine" on this computer means slow, but it's a lot better than the torture of trying to run Windows 10 on this thing.  Incidentally, Linux Mint is also installed on the machine, so it's got 3 operating systems that it boots between seamlessly.  Now I need to research how to speed up CloudReady on a non-SSD device.

  • Jim Schmidt

    Dell 3135. I can't find any incompatabilities

  • Joseph Honnoll



    Does the TouchScreen work? 

  • Jim Schmidt

    Yes. Exactly the same

  • Mark Tompshon

    E-Machines E525 Works flawlessly. Video output via VGA, Audio Port WebCam Etc.

  • Nathan Ruggles

    @helen kelty - This is good news to me about your HP TouchSmart.  Do the touchscreen gestures work?  I have an IQ506 and I'm very curious!

  • Michael Berlinger

    Has anyone tried this on a Lenovo Yoga laptop. Will try on my Yoga 720 if there hasn't been any tests so far.

  • Carmelo

    Hi, CloudReady works great on Lenovo IdeaPad N581.  Installed with USB stick. Using dualboot with Windows 10.

    For Version 60.0.3112.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) aka 60.3.54 from Stable Channel of Home Edition: 

    Sleep works fine
    Wifi works fine
    Built-in speakers and microphone work fine
    touchpad and external mouse work fine
    DVD drive works fine
    webcam works
    built-in SD card reader works
    keyboard buttons for volume and brightness and disabling touchpad work
    1/8" audio output works
    external display via VGA and HDMI ports works fine

  • Geren Moor

    Just installed CloudReady 60.3 on a pair of old HP DC7800p machines, which are on the official list, but found that they kept going to sleep and wouldn't wake up again. I've used the 32-bit version on one box and the 64-bit version on the other, for testing purposes, and they both went to sleep.

    Following instructions in the blogs, I looked in /usr/share/power_manager/suspend_prevention_models, and only the "HP Compaq dc7800p Small Form Factor" model is listed. I've manually added "HP Compaq dc7800p Convertible Minitower" to the list, and both now work brilliantly without sleeping. It would be nice if this could be added to the build at some future release.

    An interesting (and very useful) quirk in the installation was that it installed CloudReady on the second hard disk instead of the first. This means my Fedora 26 virtualisation platform on the first hard disk is still the default O/S, and all I have to do is disable SATA0 in the BIOS to boot CloudReady.

    Good fun all round, and the Neverware website has been really helpful.

  • Forrest Smith

    Geren - 


    That fix for sleep/resume issues is coming in v61.4 . Hang in there.

  • Lupe Fuentes

    I have a HP COMPAQ nc2400 laptop I would like to use with chrome os

  • Lars Berglund

    Latest CR works well on a HP Pavilion dv5-1190eo. Everything works, as far as I can tell.

  • Nguyen Huu Hieu

    my lenovo yoga 300 works great, all drivers working include multitouch trackpad, bluetooth, audio and even touch screen :)))

  • Giorgio Raccone

    fujitsu lifebook e782 works very well.

  • Dylan Porch

    The HP 14-an012nr is fully compatible with cloudready.

    Webcam: Works

    Mic: Works

    Wifi & Ethernet: Works

    Sleep & Resume: Works

    AMD (r2) Graphics: Works (Not a single glitch)

    Touchpad & Gestures: Works

  • Carmelo

    Works on Toshiba Portege i5 Z835-P372. WiFi, sound, video, microphone, webcam, Bluetooth, sleep/resume, touchpad all work. v64.3.3

  • rui pedro fé fernandes

    Hi there,

    First time using Cloudready OS. Been using Android x86 for a while and hop on this OS for the connectivity with my accounts on the smartphone.

    I use a HP Stream 13 and workshop fine for the most part. Issues only with WiFi and some apps like Google Keep and Google calendar seem slow starting up.
    Anyone having similar issues?
    Can they bem solve? Somehow..

    Best regards

  • William Cocker

    I've been using it for a week on a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14 (model name 20308) and everything works great! Thanks for the great work.

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