Known Working (or Mostly Working) Models




  • Nguyen Huu Hieu

    my lenovo yoga 300 works great, all drivers working include multitouch trackpad, bluetooth, audio and even touch screen :)))

  • Mark Tompshon

    E-Machines E525 Works flawlessly. Video output via VGA, Audio Port WebCam Etc.

  • Einar Aleksejev

    It works on my DELL XPS 12 9Q33. 

    How to get rid hissing/white noise in audio:

    crosh> shell
    chronos@localhost / $ alsamixer -c 1

    and disable "Loopback Mixing".

  • Jose Luis Escribano Corral

    Hi! I've tested CloudReady on Dell Latitude D620 ... Great! Works fine ...

  • JM Heneman

    Dell Inspiron 1525 works (51.1.110 64 bit). Graphical issues (some time the refresh does not work). - Jean-Marc

  • Tyson S

    Installed on an old Zotac Zbox ID88.  It was formerly a Windows 8 machine and I had installed 16GB of RAM in it.  For Cloudready I installed a little 64GB SSD that was on sale at Best Buy.  The hardware is a little overkill but I can drop another OS into it at any time.  The manual install of Cloudrready has been working for about 10 months now.  Very happy with it.

  • DJ

    This link from above doesn't work (on 3/4/16)

    Maybe its supposed to go to

  • John Doh

    Asus 1215n works well too.

  • Kim Johnsson

    No relevant options in the firmware unfortunately, other than Enable/Disable. I also tried disabling Legacy USB Support, just in case. Didn't make a difference.

    Maybe I'll try it on another laptop, this one just happens to be my favorite because it's light and fanless. Other than this I was very happy with the experience (played with it a bit using a bluetooth mouse), really easy to get started.

  • Carmelo

    Hi, CloudReady works great on Lenovo IdeaPad N581.  Installed with USB stick. Using dualboot with Windows 10.

    For Version 60.0.3112.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) aka 60.3.54 from Stable Channel of Home Edition: 

    Sleep works fine
    Wifi works fine
    Built-in speakers and microphone work fine
    touchpad and external mouse work fine
    DVD drive works fine
    webcam works
    built-in SD card reader works
    keyboard buttons for volume and brightness and disabling touchpad work
    1/8" audio output works
    external display via VGA and HDMI ports works fine

  • Niclas Holtappels

    Just installed CloudReady on a Dell Inspiron 1545. According to the official compatibility spec sheet, all features should be working; however, the webcam is not detected on my laptop, and I can't seem to change that. Any advice?

  • Benjamin Fenigsohn

    Any confirmed support for Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 9365?

  • anonymous

    Mostly works on my Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 netbook.
    Things that I tested that are working include resuming from closed lid state, adobe flash, wifi, ethernet, audio, brightness controls, volume controls, all usb ports, sd port, and the microphone. However, the webcam and Bluetooth do not work.

  • Nathan Ruggles

    @helen kelty - This is good news to me about your HP TouchSmart.  Do the touchscreen gestures work?  I have an IQ506 and I'm very curious!

  • Hurley, Steven

    Hi, I would like to request to get the Lenovo Edge 11 and Lenovo Mini 10 certified so that I could consider using Clodyready at my school.

  • Srinivas Pobba

    hi Forrest,

    Good work on keeping the Cloudready Platform up-to-date. Congrats to you and your team. I have installed Cloudready home edition on Samsung Notebook 9 pro (windows 2-in-1). It is working fine with a few hiccups. Here are 4 major ones:

    1. Chrome keeps shutting down automatically.

    2. Though i am on the build 68.4.7, Widevine Plugin isn't working. (Amazon Video / Netflix not working)

    3. The back-lit keyboard doesn't have back-lit feature anymore.

    4. Tap-to-click feature doesn't work even after selection in settings.

    Can you please suggest any workarounds or makeshift solutions for these issues?


    Thanks, Srini.


  • Eric J

    Acer Aspire One 522 mostly working. No sound from mic. Everything else is smooth as butter. WiFi, webcam, etc.

  • Bob Walen

    Toshiba Satellite L305-S5921, model PSLB8U-079025, serial 490777670.  Intel® Pentium® processor T3400 o 2.16GHz, 1MB L2, 667MHz FSB updated to max 4GB RAM. Home premium. I converted this unit for a friend a few days ago and the owner is thrilled. It accepted the 64 bit beta install without a hitch. It has worked well playing video, works well and Facebook works better than anything I have seen before. Gaming on Facebook is fast, smooth and a pleasure. The only thing that has happened is that after about 3 hours of continuous gaming on Facebook the screen froze and the cpu ran wild for about two minutes and then resumed. This unit has always ran at a high temperature. Sound is good and the display is great. This unit was actually unusable even after a reinstall. The owner is thrilled.

    If anything goes wrong I will advise.

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for the feedback Rutger! It's on the list now!

  • Daniel Miller

    Works without issue on the HP Compaq 6910p, both the Intel video version (GM965 chipset) and the ATI video version (PM965 chipset)

  • Andrew Sutherland

    to add to the list its working well on a Samsung Shark nf-210 from 2011

  • Carmelo

    Works on Toshiba Portege i5 Z835-P372. WiFi, sound, video, microphone, webcam, Bluetooth, sleep/resume, touchpad all work. v64.3.3

  • Victor Julio Coupe

    Hello there! Works on Dell Vostro 5470 perfectly!

  • Forrest Smith



    You'll need to test it out. Follow our guide but don't install, just boot from USB and test the functionality you care about first. - there's no other way to know if a non-certified device is compatible.

  • Forrest Smith

    DJ - it's fixed now - thanks for the catch.

  • Andy22

    Using v47.1 on my old Acer Travelmate 8371 (Core2 Solo + GMA 4500MHD) and works great. After enabling --enable-gpu-rasterization --ignore-gpu-blacklist via flags, ChromeOS provides by far the fastest web browsing experience i have tested on this old laptop.
    I can even watch VP9 content in 1080p, which no linux distribution i tested was able to, even after installing the latest 1.4 intel drivers for ubuntu/fedora.

  • Christopher Hotchkiss

    I just installed CloudReady on my Azpen X850 Windows 8 tablet and it runs very smooth. However,  there are a couple of issues. No touchscreen support, bluetooth is not working (I found where I can turn it on in Settings but nothing happens), the speakers do not work nor does the audio jack and the virtual keyboard does not work on the sign-in screen. I connected a USB mouse and keyboard, they work just fine. I had to connect using a micro-USB to USB connector. If you have any ideas or could possibly offer any assistance that would be awesome. Thank you.

  • J. Muller

    I got a 2nd hand Dell E7240 off ebay 8Gb Ram version.

    Cloudready V74.2.26  in Beta Channel.

    1. Bleutooth paired and used my headphones fine.

    2. Shutting down works. Sleep/Wake up too.

    3. Runs very well. Crostini opera, vivaldi, TOR-Browser, audacity , Flatpaks (Kodi) and Virtualbox (AndroidX86 and Manjaro) in this version Sound works in crostini.

    4. Battery life 4-4.5 hours is not close to Chromebooks. Lovely wee machine though. 

    5. Mic and cam  work in Adobe connect.

    I had to re-connect the flimsy connector for the backlit keyboard, but once I did that started working.

    There is a room for a SIM card, so it could operate quite independently. 

  • Jessica Donily

    I'm interesting in moving our HP G62 Laptop over to Neverware, but my husband doesn't think our laptop is old enough to be supported. It's a horrible slow brick of a laptop. It basically is a paperweight right now because it has nothing on it except for windows, but we can't even run an internet browser on it because it's so slow (yes we've done registry cleaners and virus checkers etc).

    So I just wanted to see if anyone thinks it's worth doing? I don't want to try to do the dual-partician thing. It is a paperweight so .. if it doesn't work we'll have to just recycle the darn thing.

  • Roger Fields

    I have an HP (Compaq) F700 that I would like to run CloudReady on. Anyone have any success stories regarding same?

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