Known Working (or Mostly Working) Models




  • Srinivas Pobba

    hi Forrest,

    Good work on keeping the Cloudready Platform up-to-date. Congrats to you and your team. I have installed Cloudready home edition on Samsung Notebook 9 pro (windows 2-in-1). It is working fine with a few hiccups. Here are 4 major ones:

    1. Chrome keeps shutting down automatically.

    2. Though i am on the build 68.4.7, Widevine Plugin isn't working. (Amazon Video / Netflix not working)

    3. The back-lit keyboard doesn't have back-lit feature anymore.

    4. Tap-to-click feature doesn't work even after selection in settings.

    Can you please suggest any workarounds or makeshift solutions for these issues?


    Thanks, Srini.


  • Juanra Young

    I have tried it on a Fujistu Lifebook T900.

    The x64 version works. Everything works minus touch and pen controls. Which were honestly a huge let down for me cause I use those.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Srinivas, Juanra - 


    Thanks for the info to add to our list!

    Neverware team members, or other users, may be able to help a little with issues you have on your uncertified models, but not in this thread. Always start a new topic to seek help, and don't forget to describe your issue and what solutions you've already tried in detail.

  • Rutger van Dillen

    MacBook Air 3,1 (11 inch, late 2010) working like a charm.

    The only glitch I've noticed so far is a flickering in my display precisely along the scrollbar in Chrome. This does not occur all the time however.

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for the feedback Rutger! It's on the list now!

  • arun

    Hello to all in this forum,

    First of all great job done by Team Neverware,

    I was able to install neverware cloud ready free edition on my laptop ACER aspire e1-510. Though it was not in the list of supported laptops, I took a chance.

    Needless to say everything worked out of the box (well almost everything).

    What worked - WiFi , Bluetooth (checked with speakers), Trackpad, Camera , Function keys (FN) for volume and brightness control, MP3 playback, Watching streaming movies. Close the lid / suspend / sleep.

    I Need help to fix what is not working

    Laptop was getting heated fast and battery was draining fast. Cooling fans were not switching on. Had this issue on ubuntu as well. HDD Activity indicator LED does not function (it is always on) even if the computer is not being used.  Had this issue even in Linux.

    Getting my printer to work HP LaserJet P1007, GDI printer

    Playing MP4 videos from a Pen Drive

  • Forrest Smith


    I'll reply in your other thread - thanks for the update on what is working though!

  • Andrew Cahill

    I can also verify that I have CloudReady running on an HP Stream 13. Only change I had to make was disabling Secure Boot in the BIOS in order to have the machine boot from the USB drive with the installer on it. Before I disabled Secure Boot, I would receive the message "Selected boot image did not Authenticate. Press <Enter> to Continue." I had updated the BIOS several months earlier. CloudReady has made the Stream 13 a speedy and easy to use device again. Windows 10 on it was slow and updates were a major hassle to install. Thank you Neverware.

  • Christopher Hotchkiss

    I just installed CloudReady on my Azpen X850 Windows 8 tablet and it runs very smooth. However,  there are a couple of issues. No touchscreen support, bluetooth is not working (I found where I can turn it on in Settings but nothing happens), the speakers do not work nor does the audio jack and the virtual keyboard does not work on the sign-in screen. I connected a USB mouse and keyboard, they work just fine. I had to connect using a micro-USB to USB connector. If you have any ideas or could possibly offer any assistance that would be awesome. Thank you.

  • Mykola Ponych

    I am interested in Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2. Can I use this software for installing chrome on my tablet? Thank you for answer!

  • Forrest Smith



    You'll need to test it out. Follow our guide but don't install, just boot from USB and test the functionality you care about first. - there's no other way to know if a non-certified device is compatible.

  • Joey Bananas

    Why no model years and cpu detail, etc? A model can have the same name every year but get updated, and have a few levels. So no way to know just from the general model name what it actually is. 

    Seriously, why has no one thought to make a form people can submit with details?

  • Adrian

    Just installed CloudReady on my Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd generation. So far it works fine without issues!

  • Stephen Walsh

    Forrest, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T520 here and I cannot get it to boot off the Cloudready USB key. I know the key works as I have done 25 installs with it yesterday... Anything special that needs to be done? And why does it say in your list above, in brackets Dual Boot ? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

  • Forrest Smith

    You should start a new thread to troubleshoot please - much easier for future users to find info if you start a new thread.

  • emdoublyu

    got CloudReady v72.4 running on HP Mini 2140. Problem is, this device is very old and only 32bit HW.


  • J. Muller

    Lenovo Z50-70 running fine. 

  • Jan vH

    I am going abroad tomorrow to a friend who has a netbook with W7 (or W7 Starter).

    It is an: Asus Eee 1201 HA Z520 (2 Gb working memory 250 Gb HD).

    Does anybody know if Cloudready works on this ?

    and if Wifi then works ?

    are there any known issues, and if yes: which?

    I am staying there for just a few days so a fast reply would be most appreciated !

  • J. Muller

    I got a 2nd hand Dell E7240 off ebay 8Gb Ram version.

    Cloudready V74.2.26  in Beta Channel.

    1. Bleutooth paired and used my headphones fine.

    2. Shutting down works. Sleep/Wake up too.

    3. Runs very well. Crostini opera, vivaldi, TOR-Browser, audacity , Flatpaks (Kodi) and Virtualbox (AndroidX86 and Manjaro) in this version Sound works in crostini.

    4. Battery life 4-4.5 hours is not close to Chromebooks. Lovely wee machine though. 

    5. Mic and cam  work in Adobe connect.

    I had to re-connect the flimsy connector for the backlit keyboard, but once I did that started working.

    There is a room for a SIM card, so it could operate quite independently. 

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