Alternate installer creation for Windows Users


The below is credited to User Robert Isberto. THANKS!


As a Windows 7 user, I ran into 3 missteps along the way. Thanks to the responsive support team at neverware I was able to get to finally overcome each issue and am loving my cloudready experience.

I outline my cloudready installation experience in detail at the link below:

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    Dan Richards

    On Windows 10 with the 64 bit version of Chrome, I couldn't build the installer with the recovery tool, so I used Rufus. WinRAR didn't have a problem with the ZIP file.

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    yes, Rufus win7 tool worked on creating an installer finally, after errors in google´s Recovery Tool......:
    - used WIndows 7 64 bit and chrome browser, the Google Recovery gave errors, no installer was created. Tried some other tools, no sucess either.

    Rufus was the solution:
    - leave all check boxes "as they are",
    - open the bin-file with cloudready downloaded image, then run, and wait,
    - status % is displayed in RUFUS,
    - whjen all is finsihed, installation from USB should be working properly, ;))

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    Random Internet Surfer AKA RIS

    I used Win32Disk Imager I am assuming Rufus works great but I can admit Google Recorvery Thingie is pretty broken even for someone I know who uses a 'Google' chromebook.

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