Apple Computer Wifi Trouble

Richard de Bruin found some strange wifi behavior on his macbook - it is worth trying this trick for any Apple product which has issues with wifi:


Did some trail and error. And what now works for me is this situation. First I booted the USB stick and wired network. Added my account, etc. Then I boot into OSX, and did a restart of the Macbook Pro. Used the ALT key at boottime and choose for the USB stick. Now I see the login screen of cloudready and .... I got WIFI!!!
If I boot directly form the usb stick I not have WIFI. But if I boot OSX and then do a reboot and boot from usb I have WIFI. Did not yet install it on the Macbook Pro.



So, essentially, it is necessary to boot into OSX AFTER initial setup of CloudReady on the USB stick, and then use a REBOOT, not a Shutdown, to transition from OSX back to CloudReady (either for use, or to install).

Any related info other users can supply is welcome! 

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