Apple Computer Wifi Trouble




  • obengminus

    i got same problems.
    boot from usb stick and chose standalone due to dualboot need windows.
    but i can't connect into wifi and i stuck on this cloudready screen. Can't boot back to macos...hiks.

  • Forrest Smith



    Did wifi work while you were booted on you USB?

  • obengminus

    absolutely work.
    my macbookair was running well, i try install chrome os because of my curiousity getting new experience, but stuck can't connect wifi.
    now, i'm ready to intall mac os again.

  • Forrest Smith

    Try holding option during boot - this will take you to the boot options screen. Connect to WiFi there, then select the EFI option to boot CloudReady. Does this bring wifi up ?


    Hello I Try the last trip of the post with my mackbook pro 2011. 

    I can see Wifi Network and select. But when I lunch Cloud ready it's work only on Ethernet connexion. Any Fix of this bug since September ? 


  • Diego Quintero

    Hello Forrest Smith, I have done that and WiFi works in the booting screen. Then after entering the EFI option, the wifi is down again

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Deigo, 

    Sorry to hear that. 

    You might be seeing a scenario where your wifi isn't supported on CloudReady (rather than needing a special step to be enabled as in this article).

    You can post a new thread with detailed hardware/model info and any other steps you've tried.

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