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  • JP White

    "In creating CloudReady for your use, we have rebuilt Google's Chromium OS, including their entire Chromium Browser, from scratch to include our careful improvements"

    Built from scratch? I'm skeptical, surely you reused large portions of Chromium OS in building CloudReady?

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey JP -

    Good question. The operative term here is "rebuilt" not "rewritten" .

    We don't mean to be misleading, but building the browser (from combination of Google's source code and our own customizations) is no small task. We definitely are reusing almost all of Google's work from Chromium, we're just adding more and then rebuilding it.

    Hope that helps!

  • taste2016

    Please do not misunderstand my questions as scepticism; I really like your product - especially to help enviroment. I need to some clarifications before I convince my administration here in France to install cloudready.

    This does not imply that CloudReady has permissions which it should not have to access your account.

    Why is this sentence in Double_negative? Unclear for me.

    We never move your user information or data off of the machine which you install CloudReady on

    Move is different to copy? Does it mean cloudready _may_ copy the data?

    We only access your user information and Google account using code pre-built into Chromium

    Is this only email, name or what? Can you provide a screenshot of what your company sees?

    If you visit that link, you may see that "CloudReady by Neverware" or "CloudReady free" is listed as an app that has full access to your user and permissions.

    Does it mean _my_ computer running CloudReady-OS is accessing my information or does it mean _CloudReady_ the _company_ is accessing information. Please make it clear. Can you recompile the OS, so that instead of displaying "CloudReady free", the "" it displays "Cloudready running on Dell D630" - this will make sure your customers have confidence in you.

    Many thanks your product is wonderful.

  • Forrest Smith

    1) The double negative is to just to indicate that the info that you would not want collected will not be collected
    2) Copy and move are the same in this case
    3) Neverware only sees: Computer Mac Address, date and time of sign in. Any other user information is only sent direct to Google.
    4) Your computer has access to your information - Neverware does not.
    5) We are not able to change what information displays in the Google security list.

    Hope that helps!

  • taste2016

    Thanks for the clarification. Keep up your wonderful software.

  • taste2016

    3) Neverware only sees: Computer Mac Address, date and time of sign in. Any other user information is only sent direct to Google.

    Does it mean you can see in your Dashboard, my macaddress and time and date of my sign in?

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi taste2016 -

    Actually, we only see a unique ID which is a hash ( of your MAC address, so that info is anonymized and your specific device is not known.

    We do track the time/date of any install event and any power-on event for that unique hash-ID, but not log-on events.

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