How do I format my CloudReady USB installer?




  • Dan Richards

    I didn't read this article before I ran into trouble formatting the USB stick (the Chromebook couldn't do it in the Files app) but the old HP USB Format Tool got it done.

  • SignedAdam

    minitool partition wizard will also let you delete all the partition, try not to zero out the drive, its life will be decreased,

  • C64Fan

    EaseUS Partition Master for Windows 10 works well for me for formatting just about any HDD, SSD, various media card formats, and USB flash drives. I always keep at least one PC with a dual boot Windows 10, and Linux Mint XFCE setup to trouble shoot all my Chromebooks, Chromebits, and CloudReady devices. 

  • James

    Tried this and it just says no USB devices were found. Formatting option in USB maker also does not find the USB. This is after it said "Error writing to USB" and now the USB (which was brand new) will not work at all on any PC. How can I format it properly and have it working again? Kingston DataTraveler G4 8GB. Thanks so much for ruining the USB.

  • SignedAdam

    @james download Minitool Partition Wizard and reset the mbr and delete all partitions and then add a ntfs partition to the drive to make it useable again

  • James

    Thanks for the suggestion. Just downloaded and tried the software but it is not listing the USB, just the "Disk 1" system drive. Any other way to get it working again?

  • SignedAdam

    @james then it sounds like your usb has died, I would return it to the shop, might have a defect, you should be able to format it using the software I suggested

  • James

    Yes I think it probably has. Nothing will recognise it's presence at all now. Unfortunately can't return it as it was brought in a sale about a year ago and not opened until recently. Probably reduced because there was a known issue? Thanks anyway.  

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