Turn any CloudReady image into a VirtualBox image!




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    Thanks, It worked.
    Is it possible to change its resolution?

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    Can I do this for VMWare Fusion?

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    Bernhard VonZastrow

    That link works! Though you need to use the command "VBoxManage" if you are on OSX (instead of "vboxmanage" which is how it appears to work on Windows).

    One question, if anyone here knows the answer: How do I "install" the OS onto a "permanent" drive in the virtual machine? When I open the virtual machine it complains that there is almost no disk space available (apparently the install disk we created is only a 1.1 GB hard drive in total).

    I created a second hard drive (IDE drive) of 16GB in size. I then asked Cloudready OS to "install". It runs for about 20 minutes and then restarts the virtual machine. But every time it reboots, it reboots back into the installer drive. If I remove that drive and try to reboot, it fails to boot at all. Any ideas how to get a more permanent install that works on a bigger drive?

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    James LaBarre

    Does not work with v59 (which I need to run to test the CUPS printing).

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    Alexander Ivanov


    It doesn't boot.

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    Forrest Smith

    Virtualbox currently has some graphics issues, especially with CloudReady which uses the Freon graphics stack from Chrome OS instead of standard X-server.


    We hope to improve this over time, but for now unfortunately VMware is the only option.

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    Alexander Ivanov (Edited )

    Hi Forester!


    Thanks! Unfortunately VMWare falls down with an error too.

    I didn't expect use VMWare and I'll wait VirtualBox.


    Thanks again!

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    James LaBarre

    VMware is not an option, I will have to wait for VirtiualBox as well.

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