v46.1 Available Today!

Hi all - 


We're pushing downloadable release and OtA updates to all free users right now!

(Paid users will follow within about a week)


This update carries a major version upgrade from upstream Chromium (v46) along with a series of other fixes.


You can read about things in more detail on our Blog announcement of the release!


Image zip archive: http://go.neverware.com/free
MD5SUM: dot9ulke24k0x.cloudfront.net/cloudready-free-46.1.20/MD5SUM
SHA1SUM: dot9ulke24k0x.cloudfront.net/cloudready-free-46.1.20/SHA1SUM
SHA256SUM: dot9ulke24k0x.cloudfront.net/cloudready-free-46.1.20/SHA256SUM



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