Important Notes on Updates for Paid Customers


As the school year wraps up, we have done some analysis internally and found that many school devices are not currently up to date - in some cases, entire sites are behind. For that reason, a careful check for all paid customers of their fleet of CloudReady devices is strongly recommended by Neverware.



The following steps will help you understand if you have an issue and need to take action. It is crucial for both security reasons, and in service of stability for users, that you stay fully up-to-date with CloudReady releases.



How to know if you are affected

To see if you need to take action, you need to check the version number of a variety of your CloudReady devices. It is important to check some devices from each group or location at your site.

If your organization has more than a few devices that are not on v49.1 or later (in particular, many may be stuck on v46) then you are affected.



Ways to check version numbers 

1) You can check which version an individual device is on by turning it on and looking in the top-right corner of the log in screen. There, white text will display the version number, along with other info.

You can use this method on a broad sampling of your CloudReady devices to see if they are up-to-date

2) On June 15th, Neverware will be launching a license management portal for all customers, which will show all of your devices and their version number (among other things).

You will receive an invitation to join and use that tool on or around June 15th, and can log in at that time to more rapidly check how many of your devices are up to date.



What to do if you are affected

1) The first thing you should do is make sure traffic to our update server (and other important communication points) is not obstructed on your school network by a proxy, firewall, or other filtering.

The following are the URLs you should ensure are whitelisted for SSL traffic:

After whitelisting these URLs, wait 24 hours and check to see if devices which are on are updating. If they are not, proceed to #2 below


2) Unfortunately, some customers will find that they are affected by a bug which we announced in early April, which causes machines that updated to v46.1 from an earlier version to be unable to update subsequently. 

The only effective fix for devices which are in this category is to reinstall CloudReady on them.

Neverware has rectified the issue such that any reinstall on any version of CloudReady will solve the issue permanently, so you can use either new USB installers or old USB installers.

We recommend that you take this opportunity to upgrade your fleet to 64-bit CloudReady - if you're interested in doing this contact our support team to send you updated links to a 64-bit image.



We understand that being affected by this issue is a significant stressor for many technology teams. Neverware is committed to assisting you in any way possible to get your fleet up-to-date and ready for users by the Fall. We invite you to contact us via the direct email or phone number in the letter that linked you here if you have any questions concerns, or needs.


Thank you for being a CloudReady customer.

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