How do I check if my computer is in (U)EFI mode?


You're looking to install CloudReady, but you'd like to make sure you device is set up properly to install things.  A good first step here is to make sure your device in UEFI mode: this can be done by accessing the BIOS, and is explained here.  

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  1. During startup, almost immediately after turning the device on, press the key specific to your brand/model that allows BIOS access.  
    Note: Frequently, this is listed on the screen near the top, but can be usually searched via google using the search "[Make] [Model] BIOS access key" (For example, "Dell Optiplex 740 BIOS access key"
    Here is a list of common computer brands and the keys they commonly use for BIOS access: this may vary between specific models!
    • Acer: F2
    • Asus: Del
    • Dell: F2
    • Gateway: F1
    • HP: F10
    • Intel: F2
    • Lenovo: F2
    • Toshiba: F2 
  2. Once in the BIOS, press left and right arrow keys to navigate between tabs along the top of the screen. 
  3. Find the boot mode section, which will generally be described as Legacy or UEFI.  This is a changeable field if you're looking to enable or disable this mode! 
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