Can I use Android apps on CloudReady?


You might have seen Google's announcement, heard from a friend, or learned about it at work, but the cat's out of the bag: Google is bringing the play store to Chrome OS!  

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Google's announcement is really exciting to us: it opens a wide range of possibilities for us and our users. That being said, there are still very limited details available, and even to developers the full functionality isn't yet transparent.

As we're not an official part of Google, we really cannot be sure that porting the Android Play store will even be possible on CloudReady. Nevertheless, we will do whatever we can to bring this new feature to our user just as we have offered new features in the past.

Stay tuned for more info!  In the meantime, you can talk in the forums about which app you'd be most excited about or find other users to talk about CloudReady more generally!  

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    Mikoto San

    I have created a tutorial for running android apps on cloudready but am still awaiting approval :-/

    So keep an eye out under the General tab on forums ;-)

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    It would be really cool if the store will play in chrome os

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    Uwe Schwarz

    Tested three apps GMX Mail, Skype, amazon video - all come up with the same error "Unrecognized manifest key "arc_metadata".

    GMX mail actually worked after switching "rezising" off in twerk


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    Hugo da Silva Carlos

    I have tried to install android mobile applications following this tutorial and several others, but the issue with manifest key persisted.

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    I have the error also, but some of the Apps are working even with this error.

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    Marco Letona

    This is the only thing I need for my dad to use this OS! haha

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    I have the error: The google play service stopped

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