Does CloudReady support the Google Play Store & Android Apps?




  • Felipe Vargas

    Hi Lv Pre,
    Sorry, but you're a bit wrong and misleading.

    Chrome OS is not Android, Android apps are not fully supported, only a small portion of them are really supported on Chrome OS, and this is only on stand-by hardware not on all chromebooks on the market.

    It's true that CloudReady does not support Android applications at this time and does not seem to support it at all, at least not for the foreseeable future.

    But with CloudReady you get all of Google's services, you connect to CloudReady with your Google / Gmail account, you're directly connected to Google Drive to save your documents, and CloudReady fully supports the ChromeOS app store.

    I would say that CloudReady is Chromium OS with most of the Google services except one that is currently not available for most of the chromebooks on the market, so comparison to the lineage mode is not really true since it is a different situation.

  • Jeremy Wilson

    This thread seems to have gone very quiet.  @Mikoto San - I'm absolutely not asking for any potential due dates or anything, but just wanted to understand if you are still working on this.  Not sure if this conversation has moved elsewhere or if this work is just continuing quietly in the background.  

    I'm very appreciative of all of the efforts being made to make this happen and am excited by the possibilities (but will patiently wait without asking "when, when, when ??" !) 

  • Joe Pagliaro III

    I'm willing to try it, jfpiii@gmail... 

  • Alex Conibear

    Hi,I Have Recently Installed Cloudready On A Linux Solid-State Acer Aspire One Z5G And I Was Wondering (Like Everyone Else) When Is The Project Gonna Be Released To Public Or Is Their Any Way To Get This Functionality On Cloudready In The Mean Time Because I Was Hoping To Make This A Nice Little Portable Laptop For Using Google Doc's Or Some Other Stuff But  I Have To Be Connected To The Internet To Do Every Single Little Thing Please Let Me Khow If Their Is Another Chrome Os Alternative / Any Other Way To Make This Work. Also ,If You Could Please Let Everyone Khow When This Project May Be Finished Or Published To The Public As We Are ALL Looking Forward To This 


    (Email Me If You Want

  • Mikoto San


    As said before I do not have a current ETA. cause i need to rewrite some stuff in the code.

  • Alejandro Pérez

    Hi Pikit Cai. Unfortunately, rhe page you sent doesn't seem to work for me. The page never finishes loading. Any ideas? Have a great day 😀

  • lafual seems to be very very similar to and on that page it says that they were acquired by Neverware, which is where we are now.

    However, after running Fydeos through Google Translate, it says in the FAQ ...

    "Google Play Store requires Google’s official authorization to distribute. Applications distributed through the Google Play Store often rely on Google’s service framework. Once Google’s official authorization is lost and applications are installed into the operating system, these applications will often not work properly.

    In addition, due to well-known reasons, Google Play Store can not be used normally in mainland China.

    Therefore, FydeOS currently does not have any attempt to carry the Google Play Store. We will add FydeOS Android app distribution methods later to be more accessible to users in mainland China, so stay tuned."

  • Will Smith

    lafual has it bang on. 

    Flint OS never supported Android apps, currently there is no official way to run android apps in a distributed ChromiumOS build and it wont be changing any time soon. 

  • Volram

    It really works (with Android APPs and everything). And is working really well. Tested and approved. FydeOS is interesting...

  • Felipe Vargas

    Hey, Alex Conibear
    You do not need any Android application to work with Google Docs without an Internet connection.

    You need to install a plugin for 'CloudReady' from the Google Chrome Web Store, the plugin called 'Google Docs Offline' is written and maintained by Google itself.

    You also need to set up Google Drive to save a copy of your office documents (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) on your computer (the Google Docs Offline extension keeps them in sync).

    You will find step-by-step instructions on Google's support site at this link:

    Link refers to 'ChromeBook' but the information is also true for Chromium OS and therefore for CloudReady.

    Good luck.

  • Lv Pre

    The latest release also supports flatpaks.  They are basically just linux programs that are self-contained with all dependencies.   You can install LibreOffice, which is the open source version of MS Office.  I've only used it for the word processor, but it works without an internet connection.

    The flatpaks can also help people get around some Android apps they are missing too.  I haven't tried them, but they have a Spotify and Google Play app among numerous others.  


  • Forrest Smith

    Alright folks - this may not be a well received move but:


    The discussing here no longer has anything to do with the general announcement that Neverware is not currently, and has no plans in the future to, support the Google Play Store on CloudReady.


    We love any use of Chromium OS, whether via Fyde or CloudReady or otherwise. Your are welcome to discuss Fyde OS and to what extent they do or don't support Android Apps here in our forums. I'm just going to ask that you start new threads elsewhere in the forum to discuss it. I trust you can all understand our need to keep a semblance of organization in these threads. 


    Disabling comments!

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