Does CloudReady support the Google Play Store & Android Apps?




  • Forrest Smith

    No updates on this, I'm afraid.


    As you'll know if you're following Google's side of things, the progress on this front is slow and careful, and they are still considering the entire project as being in "beta". Even Chromebooks that support Google Play Store and Android apps by default on the stable channel list the feature as "beta".


    We continue to watch and hope to be able to offer it, but in the mean time I encourage you to explore the world of web apps and browser-only life. Android apps are still not really built for full-size screens with keyboard and mouse, and in most cases I've seen the Android experience on a Chromebook is no better than the web-app, even for official Google apps (for instance: Gmail, Google Docs/Slides).

  • Chris Rogers

    "As we're not an official part of Google, we really cannot be sure that porting the Android Play store will even be possible on CloudReady. Nevertheless, we will do whatever we can to bring this new feature to our user just as we have offered new features in the past."


    Now that Google have given you a few quid, are they going to help you get the play store into your OS?

  • lafual seems to be very very similar to and on that page it says that they were acquired by Neverware, which is where we are now.

    However, after running Fydeos through Google Translate, it says in the FAQ ...

    "Google Play Store requires Google’s official authorization to distribute. Applications distributed through the Google Play Store often rely on Google’s service framework. Once Google’s official authorization is lost and applications are installed into the operating system, these applications will often not work properly.

    In addition, due to well-known reasons, Google Play Store can not be used normally in mainland China.

    Therefore, FydeOS currently does not have any attempt to carry the Google Play Store. We will add FydeOS Android app distribution methods later to be more accessible to users in mainland China, so stay tuned."

  • Pedro Guimaraes

    Any news about this?

  • Mikoto San


    I am doing kinda the same thing they did, except the way I will release it Is so almost any app will work :)

  • Steve Lockett

    Agreed - and a little more secure than posting email addresses publicly, which is never a good practice, even for "buffer" accounts. 👍

  • Bob

    Thanks to everyone for keeping this thread alive. Perhaps those of us who have interest could form an unofficial board to update the many followers of this project. While certainly neat to have apps on legacy hardware, this project has wide reaching impact on the wealth inequality we have here in the states. Bringing basic functionality to the IoT at an expnomical price point brings the promise of an even playing field. Let me know your thoughts?

    Ideally we would create a library of current apks, change logs, user reviews and tuts. Other ideas welcome.

    Bob Lafayette
    Founder & Consultant
    AllyTech, LLC

  • Javier Lorente

    any news in v. 61 ?

  • Mikoto San

    I can't really give you a ETA as of right now, but I will say that I am in the middle of tuning and testing the file :)

  • Mikoto San

    I still haven't solved a issue where it refuses to install on some of my devices.
    And it refuses to Install apps after last update.

  • Forrest Smith

    HI Mikoto,


    Those parts you link to are newly opened parts of the ARC++ framework, but not all of the components are open. The actual Android container is still not open source, which remains a blocker for us sadly.

  • Bob


  • Oleg

    There have been some reports of pulling off a successful trick that turns arnold-the-bat's Chromium OS distributive into thinking it is real Chrome OS with Google Play Store partially working. You might want to check out:
    1) russian
    2) english (haven't looked through, though)

  • Alex Conibear

    Hi,I Have Recently Installed Cloudready On A Linux Solid-State Acer Aspire One Z5G And I Was Wondering (Like Everyone Else) When Is The Project Gonna Be Released To Public Or Is Their Any Way To Get This Functionality On Cloudready In The Mean Time Because I Was Hoping To Make This A Nice Little Portable Laptop For Using Google Doc's Or Some Other Stuff But  I Have To Be Connected To The Internet To Do Every Single Little Thing Please Let Me Khow If Their Is Another Chrome Os Alternative / Any Other Way To Make This Work. Also ,If You Could Please Let Everyone Khow When This Project May Be Finished Or Published To The Public As We Are ALL Looking Forward To This 


    (Email Me If You Want

  • Denilson Pereira

    Sorry, mobile version of this forum don't show posts for second page.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Mikoto - 

    Wow - awesome!

    I'm not an expert or an engineer, but it sounds like you've made great progress.


    We'd be happy to collaborate with you on what you've built to see if there's a way to provide a similar, or maybe improved, experience to CloudReady users. I think, as a starting point, many users might be comfortable with t process of having to download individual APKs to install them.

    Would you be interested in sharing builds, notes, or source code of what you've been doing? I can email you directly if so.

  • Mikoto San

    I have created a tutorial for running android apps on cloudready but am still awaiting approval :-/

    So keep an eye out under the General tab on forums ;-)

  • mayur lohar

    How to get play store on this cloudready os ? Please help me.

  • Mikoto San

    No one has a tutorial as of yet.

    I am still working on a way, but got kinda blocked due to laptop malfunction.

  • Alejandro Pérez

    Sounds great! Thanks again, I can't wait XD

  • Lv Pre

    The latest release also supports flatpaks.  They are basically just linux programs that are self-contained with all dependencies.   You can install LibreOffice, which is the open source version of MS Office.  I've only used it for the word processor, but it works without an internet connection.

    The flatpaks can also help people get around some Android apps they are missing too.  I haven't tried them, but they have a Spotify and Google Play app among numerous others.  


  • Joseph Honnoll

    Nicolás Deshchuk,

    Stop with the spamming. Play store isn't coming to CR for some time

  • Pedro Castro Torres

    Mikoto San, Please if you dont mind forward me the instructions on doing this to it would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Nicolás Deshchuk

    Hi Mikoto, can you say how to active the Play Store, is not important if that have problems,, thanks

  • ADogNamedGromet

    Although I It isn't supported just yet  There is something called Twerk and Arcwelder in the chrome store.    This will convert a Android app to chrome and run it in most instances.

    The  trick is to get the link for the Android page and get it to download as an APK.  Once you have saved the APK then you drop it into Arcwelder and get it to save to a directory.  Then click on view format.  Sometimes the Article phone layout is the only thing that works but it still works.  Try expanded to make something full screen.

    Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't  But it is a good mid solution until they free up the google play store.

  • Dillon DeRosa

    I'm glad to hear Mikoto. I hope your new laptop works well. :D

  • Dale

    Now that sounds awesome good luck with the testing.

  • Mikoto San

    For anyone wondering about the .BIN file.

    I am currently making my own code for it, as Forrest pointed out that they cannot distribute a non Opensource file with the CloudReady system.

    I currently have contact with forrest on the forum, and will provide him with more information

  • Audio

    "Android apps are still not really built for full-size screens with keyboard and mouse, and in most cases I've seen the Android experience on a Chromebook is no better than the web-app..." 


    This is undoubtedly true in many cases. Not to mention the fact that Android Apps eat up space in your (usually 16 or 32 GB) Chromebook storage, whereas browser-based versions do not.  Tho one exception for me is the Netflix app vs., only because the browser option does not allow downloads, which the app does.


    BUT, this leaves out cases where there is no web-based equivalent, particularly if you want to play games such as Clash of Clans or Pokemon Go on your Chromebook.

  • Antonio Bray

    Thanks Forest.  I have been following this thread for a while.  The recent conversations about a possible bin file shared by Mikoto San is compelling to me and others.

    Should we communicate directly with Mikoto San via email to further this discussion or do we continue to use this forum as a medium to discuss and share notes/files?





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