Does CloudReady support the Google Play Store & Android Apps?




  • Mikoto San

    I have created a tutorial for running android apps on cloudready but am still awaiting approval :-/

    So keep an eye out under the General tab on forums ;-)

  • hagaibaram0

    It would be really cool if the store will play in chrome os

  • Uwe Schwarz

    Tested three apps GMX Mail, Skype, amazon video - all come up with the same error "Unrecognized manifest key "arc_metadata".

    GMX mail actually worked after switching "rezising" off in twerk


  • Hugo da Silva Carlos

    I have tried to install android mobile applications following this tutorial and several others, but the issue with manifest key persisted.

  • Armin2302

    I have the error also, but some of the Apps are working even with this error.

  • Marco Letona

    This is the only thing I need for my dad to use this OS! haha

  • Stegue

    I have the error: The google play service stopped

  • Dale

    How comes they pulled the tutorial?

  • Mikoto San

    Why did you guys remove the tutorial I made in 2016??
    It Is still working.....

    Is It because I updated It saying: "I'm testing a new way, to install the golole play store"??


  • Dale

    Now that sounds awesome good luck with the testing.

  • Armin2302

    how about putting the tut up on Drive and sharing the link via p.m.

  • Bob

    would be great to have this... not sure why there is no longer access?

  • Bob


  • Tyler Santos

    Hey guys, i was able to search for "google store neverware" and I found the google cached version of his post. I saved it as an html but I won't create a shared hosting place for it. I'll leave the cached link here for anyone else who wants to host it or take a look at it before google updates it.

  • Tyler Santos

    I didnt realize comments needed approval :/

  • Bob

    I just feel like RemixOS has the edge

  • Jerry Moss

    I can't turn on CH Play :(
    Please help me!

  • Alfred

    Mikoto San, can you put that tutorial somewhere else and link it here?

  • Jerry Moss

    Great post full of useful tips! My site is fairly new and I am also having a hard time getting my readers to leave comments. Analytics shows they are coming to the site but I have a feeling “nobody wants to be first”.
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  • stevenfang1997

    The link of the tutorial is no longer available. Does anyone have the tutorial at the moment?

  • Mikoto San

    Hi Steven :)

    I am currently working on finding a way to use the full play store on Neverware, and are really close at succeeding :)

    But I don't have a link for any tutorial at the moment unfortunately :/

  • Stegue

    Great ! Thank you Mikoto San. :)

  • Oliver Williams

    Mikoto San> Great! Can't wait for them. They will really improve Chrome OS and consequentially CloudReady. Please let us know when you have!!!!!

  • Victor Bedoya

    When the functionality is listed please let us know

  • Bob

    Can you imagine the complications? I love it. Word Excel and Powerpoint are free under .apk though Play Store. Speaking as an IT Manager from a licensing stand point, once Play Store hits desktop users can chose to use the less feature packed version of Word legally free for the first time on their desktops. I just have to think Microsoft has someone placing new TOS on their crown jewel, Office. Eager. Thanks everyone for keeping this threat alive. Bob Lafayette Vermont.

  • mayur lohar

    How to get play store on this cloudready os ? Please help me.

  • ADogNamedGromet

    ok This is a beautiful full functional operating system but with no Playstore Android functionality. Just think about it for a sec how much more functional it could be.

    I cannot run my Stock AV or VPN or any kind of streaming app that is on my phone. Chromium is so close to being so functional it isn't funny. Come on guys.

  • Vagner

    Mikoto San, please, send the tut

  • Mikoto San

    I still haven't solved a issue where it refuses to install on some of my devices.
    And it refuses to Install apps after last update.

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