Does CloudReady support the Google Play Store & Android Apps?




  • Nicolás Deshchuk

    Hi Mikoto, can you say how to active the Play Store, is not important if that have problems,, thanks

  • Forrest Smith



    I'll send you an email - since we run the forums, we can see people's emails yes.


    I should note, for you and everyone else reading, that anything provided by Google in an official Chrome OS bin file is not owned by Neverware, so we could not host or re-ship those files. If that is a required part of this process, then there is no way for us to use it.


    We encourage users to try anything, though, so feel free to post instructions here for others.

  • Mikoto San

    Hi Forrest.

    Completely understandable.

    Will continue conversation on email.


  • Nicolás Deshchuk

    Hi Mikoto San,


    Can you share the bin file to prívate email ? Or something, my email:

  • Beto Majollo

    Hi Mikoto San,


    Can you share the bin file to prívate email ? Or something, my email:

  • Antonio Bray

    Hey Forest.


    Since Neverware acquired FlintOS, wouldn't you guys have access to their method of getting Play Store to work in Chromium build?


    This would make Neverware an indispensable alternative to any other OS out there.  I am counting on you guys to come through with a solution.  My hardware project is depending on Android functionality in ChromiumOS, at least in the prototyping stage.



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Antonio,


    I've said it elsewhere in these forums, but I'm always happy to reiterate:


    Flint OS never had a method of delivering Android Apps on Chromium OS. They stated the intention to add support for that early on, but shifted to language that matches ours as more info became available.

    For Flint and for us, the technical components that make Android Apps possible on Chromebooks are not all open source. In addition, there are legal restrictions around any device's ability to offer the Google Play Store. Both of those issues, and others that are less clear cut, make the Play Store only available on official Chromebooks for the moment. 

  • Antonio Bray

    Thanks Forest.  I have been following this thread for a while.  The recent conversations about a possible bin file shared by Mikoto San is compelling to me and others.

    Should we communicate directly with Mikoto San via email to further this discussion or do we continue to use this forum as a medium to discuss and share notes/files?





  • Forrest Smith

    You're welcome to do either or both! 

  • Mikoto San

    For anyone wondering about the .BIN file.

    I am currently making my own code for it, as Forrest pointed out that they cannot distribute a non Opensource file with the CloudReady system.

    I currently have contact with forrest on the forum, and will provide him with more information

  • Antonio Bray

    Mikoto, I think to further develop this solution it may be best for all who really want this to move to another dedicated forum releasing CloudReady from any liability.


    This is something I am willing to donate funds to and I assume many others would as well.

  • Steve Lockett

    Agreed - and a little more secure than posting email addresses publicly, which is never a good practice, even for "buffer" accounts. 👍

  • Antonio Bray

    Thinking about setting up a hosted Discourse forum for this along with news blog on ChromeOS, which I believe is the next OS for all devices, including mobile,  What does everyone think?  Discourse seems like an awesome platform with lots of integrations.

  • Mikoto San


    I know people would love to fund this, but I do not take donations or funding for this project, since It would give me more stress, and also I would loose my daily income due to danish income law :-/


    Would love to see a private forum for this, Still waiting for a reply from Forreest.,

  • Antonio Bray

    Thanks Mikoto.  Fully understandable.  I have registered 2 domains for this possible other projects.  A place where we can discuss, share and collaborate around Chrome, ChromeOS, Chromium and Android in general.

    Will let you guys know when site is ready.

    No as responsive as I want yet.  Registered the domain last night and worked on the landing page some.  Has a single call to action to collect email addresses to notify when forum is ready.


    It will also host new, discussion forums and eventually collaboration groups.  


    Still working on it and first task is to select a forum platform, install and setup.  Any suggestions would be great.



  • James Smith

    Could I get the bin file and whatever else is needed?

  • James Smith

    Thanks, by the way!

  • woka

    I'm really excited to see any further development as well!

  • Bob

    Thanks to everyone for keeping this thread alive. Perhaps those of us who have interest could form an unofficial board to update the many followers of this project. While certainly neat to have apps on legacy hardware, this project has wide reaching impact on the wealth inequality we have here in the states. Bringing basic functionality to the IoT at an expnomical price point brings the promise of an even playing field. Let me know your thoughts?

    Ideally we would create a library of current apks, change logs, user reviews and tuts. Other ideas welcome.

    Bob Lafayette
    Founder & Consultant
    AllyTech, LLC

  • Antonio Bray

    Great idea Bob.  Working on such a board now that will do just that and also highlight Neverware, FlintOS, Anybox and other initiatives for people like us and to support the growing user base of non Windows/Mac devices.


    This site will be active in the coming days.  let me know if you want to be one of the contributor/collaborators to help build it's foundation.

  • Mikoto San

    I feel like I have to say this again for the who knows what time!

    Stop asking me for the BIN file!

    I said I am working on making It, since the original one contained code from google which would be illegal for me to distribute, since I don't have their permission.


  • Bob

    Mikto, we are very appreciative of all your awesome contributions and new efforts. Thank you.

  • Antonio Bray

    Same here Mikoto.  Very appreciative.

  • Alejandro Pérez

    Hi there, I really appreciate the effort you're putting into this project Mikoto. I have a question, how long could it take you to build that bin file without google's code in it? I'm just curious to know :) 

  • Mikoto San

    I can't really give you a ETA as of right now, but I will say that I am in the middle of tuning and testing the file :)

  • Alejandro Pérez

    Sounds great! Thanks again, I can't wait XD

  • Mark Joshua

    Hi Mikoto, can you email me too, its not important if it have problems,, thanks.

  • Lv Pre

    I think it is great that he is working on it and I'm sure he will release it when ready...we should be thankful for that.  In the meantime, I've been experimenting with the flatpaks that work with cloudready.  I found some play store alternatives to hold me over and, so far, they run really well!

  • ADogNamedGromet

    Although I It isn't supported just yet  There is something called Twerk and Arcwelder in the chrome store.    This will convert a Android app to chrome and run it in most instances.

    The  trick is to get the link for the Android page and get it to download as an APK.  Once you have saved the APK then you drop it into Arcwelder and get it to save to a directory.  Then click on view format.  Sometimes the Article phone layout is the only thing that works but it still works.  Try expanded to make something full screen.

    Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't  But it is a good mid solution until they free up the google play store.

  • Lv Pre

    I just installed cloudready last week, but I wonder if the google play store will run similar to how it does on Android phones?  On custom roms, google apps, frameworks, and services aren't included, but are flashed as a separate component.  


    Similar to this, you get a basic version of chromium OS just like getting a basic version of cyanogenmod/lineageos on Android phone.  Then, you can install the additional package to get google services.  

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