Disable and Re-enable automatic updates




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    Lasse Bachmann (Edited )

    NP hope it'll help ya'll. Note that you can test the compatibility of future build by writing to USB and booting without installing: if you log in and test and things are working it'll *MOST LIKELY* be safe to turn on automatic updates on to get the ota.

    Don't pin me up on this though, hence: *MOST LIKELY*

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    tijndesign (Edited )

    Hi Lasse, Thanks for the instructions.
    57.1.91-64bit is giving me troubles on the Macbook late 2008 so I want to stick to cloudready-free-56.3.82-64-bit. but there is only one small issue..

    When I follow your instructions I get: mv: cannot move '/etc/init/update-engine.conf  to '/etc/init/update-engine.conf.backup' : Read-only file system. ?

    the steps I have taken
    - install V.56 stand alone from USB
    - Boot from mac and login with my Google account
    - Pressing "Alt + Ctrl + t"
    - followed your instructionsbut after #3 I get: Read-only file system.

    This "shell thing" is completely new for me so I guess I'm doing something wrong.

    Hope you or anyone else can give me some help

    Best regards,Tijn
    the Netherlands. 

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    Joseph Honnoll (Edited )

    Added to My Guide LINK



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    Forrest Smith

    Updated this article with alternate method that should remain functional release-to-release.

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    CLFORD (Edited )

    NEWBIE Question...


    Are the 3 lines of commands in step 7 supposed to all be typed before hitting enter, or do I hit enter after each line? If its all one command, should I assume a space at the end of each written line or not?

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    Joseph Honnoll

    I believe you just copy/paste the whole 3 lines in cmd or copy/paste each code line

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    Forrest Smith

    Yes - one big command.

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