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    Dan Atha

    When I try to use this and run after reboot, I get "command not found"
    I'm running an xinput command so it says "xinput: command not found"
    If I type in my xinput command right below the error, it works fine. Something is missing when running the .sh file. I tried adding sh in front of xinput but then got sh: command not found.

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    SignedAdam (Edited )

    @Dan Atha - Maybe you have to install Chromebrew!

    then install xinput using Chromebrew!, just a guess


    when i run the command, I get "unable to connect to X server"

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    Anunay Jain

    @Dan Atha - You need to run these commands as chronos to do this :
    Type "shell" (without quotes)
    then it will ask for a password type "chrome"
    now you will be in shell type those commands to fine tune your device

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    Rob Fuller

    This is really helpful, thank you. Does anyone know whether the device properties have direct equivalents in Windows - and if so, how to find out what values are being used in Windows? On my dual-boot laptop I am happy with the responsiveness of the touchpad in Windows, and I would like to replicate that behavior in Chromium OS - but I haven't found quite the right settings by trial and error.

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    For those with Synaptics touchpads the comment linked in the first comment may save your sanity,

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