New Early Access v51.1 Release!

Hello all -

We have a new Early Access v51.1 release available! We are still working on getting an updated official v51.1 free version released soon, but feel free to give this a try in the mean time.

Blog post contains the details:

Main changes to know about:

  • Fix for machines showing flickering / flashing graphics on newer Intel integrated graphics (Skylake and Sandy Bridge families)
  • Fix for some Broadcom wireless devices not displaying available networks and forcing manual SSID & password entry each time

Thanks for your patience and continuing to use CloudReady!

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    Surface pro 4 Issues: Keyboard cover, touch pad and touchscreen do not work.
    It boots now though so thatch cool!

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    David C

    This build seems to have resolved my issue with having to reconnect WiFi on my Asus 1225B. Is this perhaps related to hidden APs as occured in 47.1?

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    Stephen Ko

    Typing from this. No more seizures from flickering :) Thanks!

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    Xu Yin

    Thanks guys. I seem to have the same issue with my Huawei Matebook (Broadcom 802.11ac Wireless PCIE full dongle adaptor) showing Wifi disabled during installation. Any chance you have tested this?

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