CloudReady v52.1 Ready for Download!

All - v52.1 is live! Check the blog post here:

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    cool this came out extremely fast lol well in my opinion at least.

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    Ah ah rather fast switch from ea. Will be ready for testing with Asrock DeskMini in a couple days I hope. Only bought the system to parcipate with the super user thing as it should be 90% working.

    Or has somebody tried usb-c support yet? I wonder if it sees that port.

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    Kristoffer P

    Does this support devices with dual video cards, e.g. Macbook Pro 2007?

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    Paul Wills

    I've got a screen flickering issue on my old Acer 5532. Looking around the forums, it seems like this was fixed in v51.1 (I'm new, as of today) but I'm having the issue on this v52.1.

    Is there a way to revert versions?

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    Hi. With this version I am experiencing problems with the display. In an Asus EeePC 1005PE, the backlight seems to be disabled on the boot following a CouldReady session.

    Let me rephrase that...

    If I use CloudReady, everything is ok, including suspending and going back to activity. A normal shutdown is performed withou problems. After that, if I switch on the netbook again, there is nothing on screen. As I have multiboot, the default operating system, Linux Mint, is able to recover the backlight after a few seconds, but grub menu cannot be seen. Not even the BIOS boot. This was not happening with the previous version.

    Let me know if I can perform some additional diagnostics and which they are.

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