Create an alternate CloudReady installer on Windows using Rufus.

Thanks to User Sparky for the enthusiasm and the screenshots!


If you are having troubles creating an installer image on Windows, follow these steps to create an alternate installer with Rufus:

  1. Make sure you unzip the file, so that you have it in .bin format 
  2. Install Rufus from here →

Run the tool as an admin, and skip the UAC prompt. 

  1. Make sure that it has picked the correct disk, and untick “Create extended label and icon files”

  1. Click on the small disk icon

  • Change the drop down to all files so that it sees the .bin file

  1. As final check make sure it says DD then hit “Start”

Installation with Rufus will take about 15 minutes.


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  • Avatar
    Josh K

    Can confirm that this should become the DEFAULT recommendation on windows.
    RUFUS is fast, stable, localized into a zillion languages, able to cope with tons of
    situations regarding memory and hardware, can put the OS onto keys that the
    chrome extension won't, and really just is overall the best tool for this sort of thing.

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