What is a Beta Release? What are Channels?

What is a Beta Release? What are Channels?

CloudReady shares the same selection of channels as Chromebooks, which makes sense given their history. Until now, however, channels other than the stable channel have simply been a way to prevent updates: we've had no other channels to update to or from until now! 

Whatever the terms elsewhere, our Beta channel is specifically used to release fixes for urgent issues affecting paid users. Our v53 Beta, for example, fixes the widespread Chrome User Sync Bug as well as TestNAV application failures endemic to v52. Read the release notes here[link to blog]. 

Please note: our Beta channel is intended for bug-fixing only!  When switching to Beta, you cannot revert back to a prior stable version, and must wait for the subsequent stable release. For example, using v53-beta means your next Stable update will can only be v53-stable or greater. This means that, if there are any gamebreaking bugs included in the unstable Beta release, you'll be stuck with those issues until you reinstall the prior stable, or until the next stable update.

To learn how to toggle back and forth between Beta versions, and, once we release the stable v53, back to Stable, check out this article!

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