Switching CloudReady Release Channels

Switching CloudReady Release Channels:

From Stable to Beta, and back.  

   !Important: Before you switch to the Beta channel, please note that, while low risk, this is still an experimental version of CloudReady! Read more about Beta channel.




There are two ways of switching from Stable to Beta Channels(and back) on CloudReady. 

Note that in both cases you will need to reboot your computer(s) for the changes to take place.

  • Make a Switch from your CloudReady computer
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click About Chromium OS
  3. Click More info
  4. Click Change Channel;
  5. Pick Beta (or Stable, if you are on Beta already and want to switch back)


  • Make a Switch from your Google Management Admin Console
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin Console;
  2. Click Device Management;
  3. Click Chrome Management (on the left) ;
  4. Click Device Settings;
  5. Scroll down to Device Update Settings;
  6. Next to Release Channel, pick “Move to Beta Channel” or “Move to Stable Channel”

Important: Release channel cannot be changed in the top level organisation, and must be changed on the OU level. We recommend that you create a new OU for using the beta channel, and start by putting one of each CloudReady model you have at your site into the OU. Once you are sure the release works on those you you can proceed in adding others.


Back to Stable:

Move back to the Stable Channel by following the same instructions, by selecting "Stable" when you you repeat the processes listed above - this is true for both the Google admin console, and the individual computer method.


   !Important: If you need to Switch back to stable immediately, you must reinstall. Switching back to Stable using the methods above will ensure your next update is stable, but will still wait for an update that is newer than your beta version. So, if you choose to move from 52-stable -> 53-beta , and then move your Channel back to Stable, you will need to wait for 53-stable before you get a stable update.




The Beta Channel is used to release crucial features and fixes early, so that our customers can solve urgent problems faster than releases normally come out. We recommend that you keep as many machines as possible on Stable, and only use Beta to address issues you are experiencing and otherwise cannot resolve.

Don't forget to switch back to Stable as soon as your problem is solved so that you can avoid any unnecessary instability in the future.

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    I have got updated to v54 via beta channel today.
    Version 54.0.2840.92 (64-bit)
    Platform 54.1.25 (Developer Build - neverware)

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