Switching CloudReady Release Channels




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    I have got updated to v54 via beta channel today.
    Version 54.0.2840.92 (64-bit)
    Platform 54.1.25 (Developer Build - neverware)

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    Chris Smith

    I am trying to switch to the beta channel but it remains on stable even with reboot.

    I am on 56.0.2924.122 (64-bit)

    Any idea why?

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    Inna Levinson

    Chris, are you live booting off the USB stick? if yes, the settings won't persist.

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    Ray Foss (Edited )

    I am expecting a version number change when switching from stable to alpha, but I did not notice anything. I'm still on 59.0.3071.135 and my mouse pad moves erratically. Ubuntu works perfectly fine though.


    Lenovo Ideapad 110-15ISK

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    Phil Reilly

    Beta or Dev channel no alpha. Is it installed to HD or SSD? If this is a USB it will not update.

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    Ray Foss (Edited )

    @Phil-Reilly NeverWare is installed to disk. On an HD. By beta I meant the option that's under Beta.

    I'm just trying to get better synaptic drivers... i've read reconfiguring the input config file sometimes works, but I would have to put it on developer mode.

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