Experimental Docker Support in Home Edition (64bit)




  • Joseph Honnoll

    I'm kinda new to Linux so what's the use of this feature?

  • Joseph Honnoll

    Thanks. Not a feature for me but for others yeah

  • Vince Pelss

    This looks like a very interesting.

    I think this is going to keep me busy for days!

  • dragon788

    Forrest, it looks like when you guys added Flatpak and renamed the forum it broke your link above, the new link appears to be https://neverware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/360000017388-Flatpaks-Docker-VMs-etc

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks dragon!

  • Josh West

    I have recently replaced Mac OS Mojave on my 2015 MacBook Air with CloudReady and I'm determined to make the switch permanent!  One key item was the ability to spin up Docker containers, which this support article covers off on.  However, I also needed to have 'docker-compose' to spin up my development environment.

    After a lot of searching I found the solution that works and wanted to post the link/details here in case someone else was looking for a solution.

    The approach that worked for me was to Install Docker Compose as a Container.

    After following those steps, I was able to spin up my dev environment with one command.

    Hopefully this helps someone else out who may be looking.


    P.S. To the CloudReady team: THANKS FOR THE GREAT WORK! Crazy that Apple's native OS will not support more than 1 external display (only DP 1.1) even though the hardware supports DP 1.2. CloudReady allows me to have two external displays with an extended desktop. Thanks again!

  • Forrest Smith

    Thrilled to hear you're using Docker on CloudReady, and that it gives you more on the hardware that you have. That's why we make it so, cheers!

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